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Nokia E72 skype not working/installing

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Hi Everyone,


Hopefully somebody has some tip how can I install Skype to my Nokia E72 and which version is working?

The Skype community given up-to-date version Skype is not working. When I run the installation the message is 'this version is already installed would you like to over write/change it' however it is not on my phone I can not find it in the menü... If I would to overwrite the message 'expired certificate'.


I tried to download also from OVI store but it is not able to download. Inactive the download button.


Anyone anything?

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yas skype not working e72

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plz help not installing e72
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please repair my skype on my mobile e72
custom version
software version date
03 april 2012
sofware version
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I am having similar problem with Nokia E72, It was working few days back but now its not starting, somehow i deleted and tried to reinstall from Nokia store (it downloads) but it does not lauch? Also there are no download links on skype for symbian phones??? Have SKYPE fed up with symbian and looking only anaroid, blackberry and iphones !!!

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what poroblam
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dude what u do with your skype on E72, it start to work properly or not? tell me becouse i have same problems too.


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i cant download skype to my nokia e72 please help me. Thank you
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i cant download skype on my e72 phone.please help me.thank you.
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the same problem guys if some body know some thing can we get help please ?
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