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Nokia E71 skype does not support

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Please help me to install skype on my new Nokia E71. When I go on it gives a message saying that my device does not support skype. But on Nokia E71 is listed as a device that support skype. Please help.

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I just updated my E71 firmware and now my Skype does not work. Tried reinstalling Skype but I get the message that my device is not supported. How can this be when it worked fine before the Nokia firmware update? Also, I still see the E71 on the list of supported devices. What's happening?
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I solved the problem by loading Skype via Nokia Ovi Suite applications.

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Just to bring the topic up!!!

It used to work via the Ovi.Store but skype is no longer listed there!!!

I have exactly the same issue and when i installed via the on my E71 S60 510 it worked just fine!


now I get the same error mentioned above on and there is no skype in OVI?


what we are supposed to do Skype? I see you don't answer for months... so I guess this will stay the way it is.....


Hopefully I'm wrong

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I have the same problem here.


I was searching on many sites to find a downloadlink ....


Who can help us??



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Здесь описание. Вот ссылка на дистрибутив.

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the russian link is working


thank you so much you are great...

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It's not "Russian" it refers to and it's the 1.5.012 version

not the 2.00


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friend i used the skype on my e71 , didnt need any special setting or version, than i formatted my mobile after that i installed the skype the same way i did , but it doesnt sign me in , like always i enter the username and password, it takes some time and loads, but after a few minutes, it again asks for the username, plz help me !!!!!!!!!!

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i have the same problem in nokia e71
I cant sign in in skype
I have downloaded skype from ovi store
I renewed my mobile software but still i cant sign in please help me
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