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Nokia E7

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Greetings ...

I've checked the supported devices, it seems that Nokia E7 does not support Skype

any advice on that Issue.



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I also just purchased a Nokia E7 and found out that Skype is not compatible with the device. My previous device was Nokia E52 and Skype was working perfectly. Any help anyone? Regards

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Download from link to the right of the text:

Symbian^3 platform - version


on the following page:

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Hi my e7 skype doesnt work. Any way work this
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Omg didn't microsoft buy skype?? If any didn't know e8 and e7 is same phone only e7 have full keyboard.


Improved in new version of skype is advising and banners :p like any need that shiiit
If any of you e7 users still need skype for mobile download available here. << graped form my download folder on nokia e7. get supported installer before some one delete this post.


They realy don't like the truth.... support list suck like advisement banners


Merry christmas & happy newyear

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i want a skype in my nokia e7
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me too
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i want skype e7
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puffff, I have nokia E7,  i can  use skype  but  still  can't  make  a video call  ...

when   would it be  avaiable to do ?

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