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Nokia E66 SKYPE is not supported!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Novel Adventurer

Hi I have Nokia E66 which is supposed to support SKYPE according to SKYPE site... trying to download it I get the message that SKYPE is not supported on this device can you please assist? thanks

i tried to download it to another nokia e66 and worked and told me that it support it 

what is the problem?????



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Casual Adventurer

Same problem for me, the Skype mobile page says that my mobile it is not supported(although it is compatible) so I can download it only from Ovi store.


My E66 firmware version(dial *#0000#):




Nokia E66-1 (04)


What firmware versions are for those E66 that you have?




Casual Adventurer

The supported firmware for Skype is - 210.21.007 (very old)


But I find it stupid to include only some model revisions. This could be called as recommended or tested firmware but not to exclude all other revisions and wrongly tell that "skype is not supported". In most cases there is no much difference when upgrading firmware so it would be more wise to exclude only reported problematic firmwares.


It is really misguiding and confusing from Skype to list the whole Nokia E66 model as supported in one list but in reality allow only some versions.





Novel Adventurer

hi everyone i found the solution i download the skype app on pc then send it to mobile and download it and it is wored and herer the page that i download it from

Casual Tourist
downlod ur link but not open skype for e66 skype not ovi store whats problem for e66 please help me
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