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Nokia C6-01 download not possible

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I bought a Nokia C6-01 but I'm not able to install skype in it. On the skype page showing the compatible symbian phones the C6 (without -01) is listed but when I try to download skype a message say me that it is not available for my phone.

Does anyone help me?

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I also have the same issue with Nokia C6-01

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I have the Nokia C6-01. They said it was ok for SKYPE. But they send me texct to download SKYPE and says not available for my phone too. Come on Nokia/SKYPE ? Please sort it out ?

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Download from link to the right of the text:

Touch Platform (S60 5th Edition) - version


Symbian^3 platform - version

(I'm not sure which would work with C6-01)


on the following page:


Hopefully one or the other will install and function.

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I have download skype in my nokia c6-01 that was adviced in this forum.  the frist time I was able to sign in . Even able to do the voice test but not able to call my contacts.  Second day not able to do the test or call.   Any suggestion?

I am very disappointed with Nokia C6-01.

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hey nokia c6-01 is a great phone dont blame the phone. skype doesnt support symbian as much as other os' still no video call option only voice calls which are nice too but video call is better since i want to see persons i talk to and they wanna see me
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@valeria peres20


Have you tried Skype over a W-LAN? This might indicate whether it's a cellular data problem. For me, unless my cell is using a 3G network (AT&T, USA), Skype is not reliable. GSM service is not fast enough, in my experience.

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THANKS, "efmdllc" your suggestion worked for me on the C6-01 (updated with the latest Anna version

1 First I opened Nokia Suite 3.2.100

2 Downloaded:Symbian^3 platform - version from

3 Plugged the phone into the Win 7 PC via USB port

4 Nokia Suite window popped up to accept download.

5 I already have a Skype account, so all I had to do was to enter my user name and password.



PS I am using a local wifi and not 3G for my Skype calls.

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I also buy the nokia C6-01 but unable to get the skype...



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not servies
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