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Make skype for dsi!

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PLEASE Skype can you please make skype for Dsi! I mean it has a camera,mic and internet connection. Why not? You would make heaps of money! Come on! I use Skype all the time! Please listen!



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I agree! I am a user Of skype, and a dsi, You know what? There both great, I have this game, in the game you can connect to the nintendo wifi, and video chat with pals, Durring the actual gameplay, I think this would awesome if it were its own app, like Skype DSi, Just improve the quality and it will be great (Based on the fact my game is very glitchy due to the fact its during gameplay, so I'm sure skype will work well, considering the camera app works fine)
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It bugs me that nintendo hasn't agreed to have a skype app in dsiware...... I think it's perfect for skype, b/c it has a camera, microphone, and speakers..... just tweak it up a bit, and there u have yourself a nice video chat w/ your dad in vietnam
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Hi all, new here and probably old enough to have a more important concern, but I would like to add nintendo 3ds to the plea for skype, I've read that the hold up might be in nintendo's court, but I want skype to know that a high percentage of 3ds users would utilize skype a lot!

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I have heard that the Nintendo 3Ds hurts your eyes. Is that correct? Also I think Skype should make a software compatible with the Nintendo DSI and the Nintendo 3Ds.
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i agree to the dsi has web webcam front and back and a mic plez its not fair because u guys made it for all the apples like ipods  ipads and  not nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowowowwowowowoowwoowowowowowowowoowowowowowowowowowowowoowow




plez try to make it plez pleaz  

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3ds only does damage to your sight if you're playing enought to do it, but its ok if you play like 1 hour
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Hi, I also agree. They didn't add this kind of feature yet. Because the Dsi runs out of Memorys on It's own operas. So Nintendo Support and Skype Support are still thinking about it. to make the skype app for the nintendo dsi. We are going to agree.

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hello everybody! Can sombady tell my how you can to chat and with the webcam? thank you. Ramon
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Really! But make please as Dsi Ware and .nds file.

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