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Novel Adventurer

I sign in just fine, but on my contacts tab it just hangs at "Loading Contacts...". I've let it sit for a good part of 10 minutes and it just hangs here. Any thoughts?

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Novel Tourist

I'd reinstall and try again.  Mine loaded just fine (with no lag).  Do you have a large amount of contacts?

Novel Adventurer

I've actually already tried what you reccommended: reinstalling the app. It's weird though, I have two accounts and the one with more contacts in it loads up just fine. It's the one with the smaller number that doesn't seem to work.

Casual Adventurer

i have the same problem on my 3g Vita. Haven't tried to use it with wifi. I hope at some point someone can work it out. I signed up for calling but having no contacts means i can't send messages or skype to skype. 


Casual Adventurer

tried loading up with wifi...still no contacts

Casual Adventurer

I can't for the life of me figure out why so few people would be having this problem.... Is there some place i might be able to get some sort of support? I understand its a free app but i am a paying customer, and as is the app is basically just a phone with no phonebook.


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