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How to install Skype on N78?

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I am trying to get Skype installed to my wifes N78, when trying the OTA download from, "and let Skype do the magic" appears to be somewhat of an overstatement.


I do get an sms with the url (not a push sms). It is not possible to access the url in any other way than re-writing it to browser, which notes that it downloads the file to "Gallery". The installation file however can not be found through gallery, nor file manager, nor does it start installation automatically as in my 5800. Ok, the phone isn't the latest, but it is listed as supported.


Any suggestions?

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Use the following URL to obtain the correct version of Skype for your N78.  Note: remove the space after "www." so that it's a valid URL. You can download it to your computer and transfer it to your phone, or you can download it directly using the phone's web browser.  If you do the latter, it should offer to open and install Skype for you.



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As I mentioned, I opened the link in the phone browser, itt didn't offer to open the file, nor did it tell where it downloaded it. Help (and improvement to the **bleep**ty procedure) would really be appreciated as I don't have a cable.

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See the topic on this forum titled:

***See Here: Alternate method for obtaining Skype***

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