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Help Skype with the "out of memory" message

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[This topic is an offspring of the discussion "Too many contacts - out of memory"]


Dear Vita users,


The information that the moderator posted earlier was correct to the best of our knowledge - namely that accounts with 150 contacts should be ok, so we're concerned that people are  still having issues logging in. We'd love to get more info to try to reproduce the issues and do more stress testing.

Therefore, please post in this forum if you would be willing help us with testing and feedback. We will create a closed user group and to join you would need to sign a personal NDA and be available over Skype from another device like a PC. Plus, for now, the testing would be limited to the current version of Skype for Vita. But we really need some real world testing of the app and your input would be valuable.

If interested please just post in this forum and the forum moderator will contact you directly.

Many thanks, Skype

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Hi There,

I'm a professional software tester, and I'd be happy to help out.  PM me and we can start with the NDA.


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The issue is that people have accounts on Skype that WILL NOT WORK on their PS Vita systems due to it saying there's too many contacts. I've seen people stating they had only 6 contacts on Skype and it still wouldn't work, so the issue isn't delete your contacts or make a separate account. The info the Moderator provided is false, and has been argued already. So, how can this issue be resolved without making a separate account? When someone has a solution to that question please post, otherwise stop making new threads, thank you.
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Please refrain from hijacking other posts. If you read the first post in this thread again you would see that we are actually looking for your feedback to improve the behaviour there.

See "No thread hijacking. " in our guidelines:

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just got my vita today, it is a great piece of hardware, i'm willing to help to improve it

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Hi, I just checked back this forum.  If you still need more feedback or testers I would be happy to help.

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Hello, I have mentioned problem with my VITA and Skype and I would like to help solve it.

I only have about 15 contacts I guess but after a lot of re-installing skype and even formatting my Vita it does not work. after loading 3 of my contacts it really slows down and then mentioned error message appears. Sometimes Skype even freezes and I have to kill off my Vita...

Please help me/us!


best regards

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I'm happy to help with testing.

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I have a PS Vita and i download skype and i have more than 150 contacts so if u can help me bypass the error too many contacts out of memory
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