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HP touchpad & using skype

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I am only able to access the Skype credit/my account page. I set up an account on the HP touchpad and thought I downloaded the software but now I'm not sure the download was successful. I do not seem to have access to any other Skype functionality screen. What do I need to do make sure I in fact have the Skype program on the Touchpad? What do I need to do to download correctly? I have another Skype account on another computer which works fine. What's the issue with these devices?
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I am having the exact same problem, I didn't even think that it might be that it wasn't downloaded correctly! I have nowhere to add contacts or anything. I too run Skype on my acer laptop with no problems. Hope someone helps us
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I am new to Skype and have been trying to get it set up on my Touchpad. I have created a Skype account but have no idea how to make S to S calls on the Touchpad. I added my friend's Skype username/contact name into my Touchpad's contacts, but when I open the calls icon and search for that contact, it isn't there. It should not be this difficult.

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the way I just finally got it to wprk... I removed my account for Skype in the touchpad account settings. Then with no account there I went to the app to make a video call and then added my account when it prompted me in that screen. After that it loaded up my contacts automatically. It never worked by just adding my account through the settings. Because I deleted my account and re added it a few times with no success
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can you please tell me how did you download Skype to hptouchpad
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I just purchased an HP touchpad which should have skyping access yet I cant skype using the same account Ive been using for two years. Is there anyone with skype support who could help with this issue? HP after 2 hours stated it is an issue with skype not the tablet. Help with this issue would truely be appreciated.....

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I have threesome problem just get in to my sign in page how do I get to the dial page???????


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