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GE 31591

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Novel Adventurer

I got the below email from GE on this phone.  I think I'll hold out to see some more reviews and for the handsets to come into play.  I have 4 phones in my home and would like to swap them all over...


I do apologize sir, it completely slipped my mind. These accessory handset have not been released yet. We just released this one one month ago and we have not been given a release date for the accessory handsets.

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Novel Tourist

Yup, used to work fine; now I've upgraded the firmware to 17.37 and its a paper weight. Don't bother with the details ... steer clear of this phone.

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Novel Adventurer

This product will only work with 120V.  The current model is designed for use in Canada and US only

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Novel Adventurer
In regards to this item. I can not seem to get it to call land lines and mobile phones. I have an unlimited us and canada subscription and I can call just fine using my computer and phone. I can also recieve phone calls from landlines and mobile phones. Any help would be appreciated.
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Novel Adventurer

Nevermind. I am dumb. I didn't have it set to skype out.

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Novel Adventurer

Anyone knows how to have this phone download Contacts?

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Routine Adventurer
Mine did it automatically when i first signed in.
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Novel Adventurer

Mine doesn't. I even reset the device but it still doesn't show contacts.  Any other ideas?

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Routine Adventurer
Contact GE? Others have reported the same thing; maybe GE has a fix.
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Novel Adventurer

I'll try tomorrow... thanks

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