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GE 31591

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Novel Adventurer

i have same issue - unable to download contact list!!!


Novel Adventurer

i found the problem - delete all PHONE Contacts numbers that you added into skype.

after you delete them, skype only contacts will be loaded and shown on the phone.

Routine Adventurer

That's great.  I wonder if it was just one particular number that was causing the problem.  I have a mix of skype contacts and regular people/numbers in my phone and it downloaded them fine.

Novel Tourist

I bought this GE 31591 through Skype/chatandvision for UK use, through chatandvision's UK pages site. It should contain UK telephone line adaptor, unfortunately it doesn't.


Skype works perfectly well, however, I am unable to use landline to make or receive calls. RJ11 landline adaptor is plugged in correctly and is working(tried connecting another phones and it works).


Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Novel Adventurer

All I know is that it doesn't work with Skype Voice Mail.  The phone will ring continuously and never go to voice mail regardless of your voice mail settings.  This is a known issue and neither Skype nor GE support has any solution.

Casual Adventurer

I also have a mix of Skypout numbers and Skype names in my contact list.   My older GE Dect phone had no trouble (it had big hardware issues,though); my Belkin Skype desk phone had no trouble.    This GE phone one just doesn't downlod them.    I guess the question is:  why /does/ yours work?   As far as I know, no fix from GE.


I bought this phone two days ago. So far I could not download my skype contact list. However, I signed in using a different username and the phone download all the skype contacts and phone numbers with no problem.


Any ideas why this is happening?

Casual Tourist

I've just got the GE31591 and seems to be working OK. Except,t  when setting up call forwarding, there does not seem to be a way to change the no. of seconds after which the call is forwarded. Seems to hardwired set to 30sec.


This makes it totally a useless piece of equipment if it is only forwarded to my mobile after this time. Who waits that long for a phone to be answered?


Anyone know any different? 


Have these phones been pulled?  I was about to buy one but the site does not show prices for these or the freetalk adapter.  What hardware am I supposed to use?  Want to be able to use skype with handsets.

Routine Adventurer

Hi I've had this phone for a sometime. Recently I noticed some changes (in the interface) for instance I could not make out going calls and I have a Skype monthly account. In the end I decided  to try and resolve them by re-setting it. I've done all the usual things: take the battery out, disconnect the router cable, then re-sign in. It still recognises (?) but though I try to input my username and password, it just says they not wrong, and now I cannot even receive calls. So I need to reset the phone to factory settings and start afresh. I have the English PDF but cannot find anything in it for this. There is a PDF that comes up in the searches, but the link is broken. Does anyone have any ideas, it can’t be that difficult to do!




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