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GE 31591

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Thanks.  that's kind of what I thought about the new GE phone - maybe it's better than the Philips I had that was falling apart - the GE is cheap enough to give it a try.  I ordered one 10 days ago, got a confirmation from ebuynow, and then an apology - they said they sent me a freetalk accidentally and asked that I return it when it arrives (they would pay for shipping if I provided receipts).


Sadly, neither the Freetalk nor the GE phones have arrived and of the FOUR tracking URLs I was given last week, two are invalid according to the US Post Office, and two say that the shipper has sent them details on shipping something, but has not actually given them the package to ship.


I've asked the ebuynow people what's going on, but not heard anything from them.  I figured I'd wait another day or two and then dispute with PayPal.  I never bought anything from ebuynow; maybe they're always this incompetent and I'm just naive about shopping on the Internet.

Routine Adventurer

The phone finally made it onto the GE Site and Amazon.  To find it on gephones dot com, then choose "Advanced Cordless".  The page includes a couple of manuals as well.  For the amazon link ($59 for the phone), go to amazon, then search for "GE 31591"..


Boy, uberoverlorddude, I sure wish I could post links.


Edit: The GE site has links to a couple of manuals; neither of them actually work. 


Novel Adventurer

Can someone who bought this phone to look on the power adapter and see if it works with 220v?

Casual Adventurer

I had to threaten them via e-mail to get my phone. I didn't receive tracking or any kind of confirmation e-mail either.


I'll never buy ANYTHING from ANYOE who uses - its a total 100% BS company with **bleep** logistics.


On the other note, I did get my phone and it works great with the calling subscription and online number.

Novel Adventurer
No it doesnt. There are two adaptors (one for cordless base and one for router) and both requires 120V.
Novel Adventurer
It is overall a solid phone. The process of setting up was quick and easy. I was able to login to my SKYPE account and make/recieve calls in minutes.

The adpators require 120V only. It wont work on 240v without a transformer.

I have one problem and that is the contacts are not loading. I saw few contacts load and then dissappear. Not sure how i can resolve this issue.
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I got mine today. Easy to set up, but I too can not see my contacts. Called GE for 30 minutes - much of it on hold. She was useless and knew less about the phone than I do. In the end told me to call Skype.

I've never got any help from Skype in the past so not sure where to go from here.  Any thoughts?

 I signed out of skype on my computer and quit skype. I logged out on the phone and then logged back in - still no contacts.  

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Hmm, I'm looking at this phone too. We have an old adapter to our phone system that we have to use the computer to actually call on. Anyone see the additonal handsets and has the contact list thing been fixed?
Novel Adventurer

I have not been able to get any help from GE or Skype. I have not emailed which is where it shipped from to see if they can help or if I can return it. If I can not load contacts this phones is pretty useless.


Routine Adventurer

I've not seen the additional handsets online yet - I imagine that if you need a second handset, you can just buy a second complete phone/base and pair the handset that comes with that with a different base (yes, I realize this doesn't scale and is pricey).


I've not run into the contacts problem either.  Mine seems to be working fine.  The only disappointment is the lack of any sort of headset (wired, bluetooth, DECT 6.0, etc - none are supported).

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