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Front facing camera on HTC Thunderbolt

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How can I get the front facing camera on my HTC Thunderbolt to work with Skype?  And how can get the speaker to work also.  I can make video calls but Skype only has an option for back camera.

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Yeah, me too. Why won't skype support my thunderbolts front facing camera? The beta version had no problem, but the real thing does.

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This rear facing only camera is dumb. I can look at their faces and they get to lool at my feet!
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Looks like nobody from Skype has come to answer our questions, so I'm just gonna complain in hopes that they're working on a firmware update. Complain! Complain! Grumble grumble....
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I agree.  It's assinine  and it makes no sense at all.  I do believe, however that it was intended but that is soley my opinion.  Anyway, complaining here, according to the disclaimer, is not going to make any difference with our issue.


"No official support. These forums are NOT an official support channel. For official support, especially regarding payments and orders, we always ask you to submit a ticket."



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I saw a note when I downloaded the app that it's not supported with Froyo(2.2) and only Gingerbread(2.3) and above.  In theory this should work when the Thunderbolt updates to Gingerbread, but I don't know when that is.


I agree this is lame, but it is HTC that has been lagging on their update for months

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I was told Q3 by HTC.
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Try Yahoo Messenger in the mean time.  It works like a charm with the front facing camera.  Have been using it since I got my thunderbolt when it came out.  It's the second best thing.

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