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Dualphone 3088 connection problems

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Novel Tourist

Here in sri Lanka I have experienced the same situation!!, Had anyone get any solution for this?

Now I am trying with V245..

Casual Tourist

I just down graded the software to the older version on my dual phone 3088 and it reconnected to skype for the first time in a month.  Maybe give that a try.  Im in the UK btw.


Casual Adventurer
How do you download the "old version"?
Reliable Adventurer

yes, but still does not operate.

Casual Adventurer

No i have a problem to sign in for th ealst 2 days. it works well when it is connected, but now only landline can be used. i don't know what to do anymore- support is a crap .

Novel Adventurer

Since few weeks I was unable to connect between base and router the duakphone support give me theses instructions:


Try to reset your phone again via the below procedures and see if it works.

Please kindly try below procedure:

Please take you base station out of router. Disconnect all other devices connected to router. Default you router – refer to router manual.

Please now turn on the router and wait until all lights are on.

1) Power on the base station and place network cable in the base

2) Press the reset button for 15 sec. ( LED should flash shortly at 10 sec, but just to be sure press it for 15 sec. )

3)  Wait 10 min where the base station lights  / In some situations it can start flashing quickly.

4) Reset Handset – Menu –settings – advanced –reset

5) Reset the base station on the back,  and the red light will flash shortly.

6) Place handset in charger, now it starts searching for open base station

7) When base station is found – please follow the instructions described on the screen.

Please now try to log in to Skype.

If unsuccessful, please try this procedure:

Press menu followed by 1 – 3 – 9 – 7 – 5. You will prompt to one page FWU configuration and select Beta firmware. You will hear short confirmation sound.

Install the 0250 beta firmware: go to menu – settings – advanced – firmware update – all firmware versions – vers.250 – install

If successful, please remain with beta software version.


All of this don't work for me !


Finaly I clean my contact list (more than 150 !)

and I clean the black list and that works !

I think that I had a saturation of the memory...

Good luck


Novel Adventurer

is anyone still having this problem? I have tried everything and I can't log on....:mad:

Novel Adventurer
Yes, I had the same problem. You need a new driver for the dualphone as it looks the API of Skype has changed. Unfortunately, it looks like RTX does not longer support the older phones. I solved it by reverting to Skype version 4 and switch off autoupdate.

Hope this helps,

Reliable Adventurer

apology but DUALphone 3088 no longer works for skype?

Novel Adventurer

Well at least my Dualphone stopped working after the update to Skype 5....

Still works fine with Skype 4...