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Downloading skype on Blackberry 9700

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I tried downloading Skype on my blackberry 9700 and after the download it said "Skype can only be used with a TELKOMSEL Sim. What does that mean?

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What that means is very simple: unless you are part of the "priviliged" (Verizon in US, 3 in UK), you cannot use Skype on a Blackberry (any BB) device!


The reason is not known and seems to be one of, if not THE best kept secret by Skype. Questions on this issue are dodged, avoided, simply not answered...


If you check the different posts concerning Skype and BB in this forum, you will see that you just became part of the frustrated large group of people all around the world with BB's that wanted Skype like everybody else. However, I'm afraid this will remain wishfull thinking...




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Not having Skype on my BB sucks.  I think I may have to get an IPhone or another device that can accomodate my needs.  I noticed that the BB phones lack competitive applications, features, etc., and as result of that they will lose a lot of customers. 
I think Skype should have a program/software for BB users because as we all know, BB is designed more for business use. Even more of a reason to design a software for us BB users.

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Can I download skype app on my blackberry 9700
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If you read the post 2 before yours by lvl you will see a good explanation of the current situation. Take some time to look around the forum and other forums on the web. These are the only answers you will find seeing as though Skype simply cannot be bothered. Welcome to the bizarre world of Skype customer service.



mosesarhin wrote:
Can I download skype app on my blackberry 9700


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Can i download skype in my blackberry?
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I can not loging skype in my phone pls help
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Helo every one,I want ro change my phone number how is it going to be possible.tanx
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Like I used MTN number and I want to change to Airtel number how will be possible
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