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Downloading Skype to Nokia E71 (Symbian OS 9.2)

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So, it's a long story but basically:


Skype website says I have a compatible device (E71) - Although I can't find out if it has the correct operating system (it has Symbian 9.2), but I'd figure it'd be the same for all E71s.


When I go to on my mobile it tells me; 'Skype isn't available for your phone'


What I would like to be able to do is use skype on my phone overseas via wifi connection. So that I am able to call skype to skype for free and use skype credits and a subscription to call landline and mobile numbers both back home and in the countries I'm travelling in.


My understanding is that with the 3 application of skype it requires the 3 network, i.e. it'll be ludicriously costly to use overseas (with the exception that I may be able to use it in places like italy (which are '3 Like home' countries who also have 3) but I'm still not sure this won't cost me and arm and a leg. So I therefore need the Symbian version. 


I'm finding this increasingly difficult and I feel like I'm going in circles with both 3 and skypes support systems, please help!

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Yes, I am experiencing the same problem with my N97 Nokia. Obviously the software leaves a lot to be desired. I have heard from other people that since Microsoft bought out Skype it has caused a lot of problems, this type being just one of many. I can't even download the installation file to my laptop and then upload it to my mobile. Very poor software coding I am afraid and there is no solution in sight at this time. At least I have Skpe on my N95 which was installed without problems some time ago (prior to the change). Good luck, we need it....

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I have the same problem with my E71.  The device is locked to Vodafone and I am guessing that Vodafone have configured it to not allow installation of Skype.  Same issue with operating system upgrades.  A newer one is available but the device blocks the upgrade.

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Update.  I solved the problem by going to the Ovi store on the device and downloading Skype from there.  It is now installed and working fine.  :happy:

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hi i can t leason the voice
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try to install "Voipaudiosrv 1.00" if your your version is 2.xx
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lakh laanat
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I have a E71 also. I could get skype to do only voice no video. I read your queston very quickly but I can call internationally using skype to call german cell phones or land lines.

If you would like to do video calls I know that Fring will work fine. Isnt that crazy that the e71 has a front facing camera and you can hardly use it for anything? that is why I bought the e71 for using it on skype oh well. BUT hey if you have an Ipod and like to ske you can download a program to make it a hotspot! It works great When I want to skype I use the E71 as a hot spot and use my ipod for skyping..good luck!

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i have downloaded skype on my nokia e71 and it will start up

but if i want to login it wont

i type in my login name and my password and then i login but then after a few seconds eh stops and it does nothing and im still nog logged in


i tried to update my nokia e71 but it still doesnt work

can someone help me please