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Correction: Skype on Nokia E5

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Novel Adventurer

Mistake in my previous posting: should read E5 in stead of C5 of course.


Real message is thus:

I wanted to install Skype on my mobile Nokia E5, introduced my number on the website, clicked on the SMS link I received, downloaded the program and wanted to install (version 1.10(7)). I then received the message that the application is not compatible with my phone. I still went through but it seems the message was right because noting is happening.


What should I do?



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Novel Tourist

i also have same problem on NOKIA E5. i purchased new phone even after watching its compatibility from skype website. please do someting and email us about solution. since skype is not working on phone nokia E5.

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Same problem for me. Have just downloaded Skype to my Nokia E5, after checking compatibility on the Skype website. Got the message it wasn't compatible whilst installing but carried on - but nothing happens if I try to run it.

Can someone tell me if there is any way to get it working with an E5 or not?

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I have bought new nokia E5 last week. I downloaded skype from mobile, while installing i got message that the version is incompatible. And after installing, skype logo is there but it does not load the application. Please look into this.



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I have the same problem. The funny thing is that i have reading this posts from people with e5's who have perfectly working skype on their devices. So.. Any solution?

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Hi folks,


I'm using skype 1.5 on my E72. Yes there is a glitch on skype's mobile site and on OVI store as they have downgraded the version to 1.10 for s60 devices due to some low end phones with slow processors.


But you can download version 1.5 which was designed for s60, but was downgraded and removed from supported list.


Here is the link, but download version 1.5 for s60. This will definately work



Kenneth Eric

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Guys, had the same problem. I downloaded skype from the Ovi store and its working perfectly fine. 

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Novel Adventurer
Thankyou Kenneth Eric. You are a start!! you got my sykpe running. I have written a post about this issue and I will put credits for you.
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Thank you very much Kenneth, You solved my problem. Now I'm able to run Skype on my E5.
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Many Thanks Kenneth, you are a Star, Skype on my E5 is cruising.


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