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Connection problems with 1st generation Skype phones

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Since I posted this comment Ebuynow have been in touch seeking to resolve the issue. They have refunded the cost of 2 phones I purchased with them, refunded me the postal costs of returning them and sent me a new phone which now works. I am a little baffled as to why 2 of the phones suddenly decided to stop working but to be fair to them they have done their best to resolve the issue and fingers crossed my phone now behaves itself.

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In RE: "Hi Chris; I have a GXV3140 that works fine with Skype. I can make/receive calls with no problems. I used to have problems when using Wi-Wi but a firmware upgrade was needed If you are using WiFi  try latest f/w"


I wasn't using WiFi, but rather a direct connection...  SKYPE finally tried to help after months of agrevation, and said they would talk to Grandstream....  then STILL no reponse or help.  


I finally GAVE UP!  I need my phone, so decided to buy a Polycom phone and signed up with 8X8 for great VOIP service and tech support!  Its more money, but it is very reliable!


If anyone wants to buy my slightly used Grandstream Phone, let me know or it is going up on EBAY!  


Bye to Skype and Grandstream... I gave up!

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As of June 20 (more or less a few days) my skypephone ( DUALphone 3088 ) is also down. It was working fine until then, but now it does not sign in. I live in the Federated States of Micronesia. Not sure which is the server I am trying to log in, but it simply does not log in...

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My Dualphone 3088 does not work either. This is out of Switzerland. What a crap service from Skype. 

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Thanks God, finally I could solve this problem with my Dual Phone 3088


You must update the firmware to the version 0245


For this go through the Menu to Settings, then go to Advanced, then go to firmware update, then go to All firmware vers. and select 0245.


That's all

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Ensure that Version 245 of the firmware is being used.

On the phone menu go to:

Settings > Advanced > Firmware update > All firmware versions > Version 245

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I'm having that same problem with the phones...has your issue been resolved?

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Hello Sir


I have a solution to the problem that I was having. My 3088 phone only works on version 245 of the Skype firmware. Therefore goto Settings > Advanced > Firmware Update > All firmware versions > Version 245. Then when this is installed ignore any attempt to upgrade your version.

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So What do I do if it says FAILED?  I Have the handset GE Digital Cordless Phones. And I still cannot make or receive calls they go directly to my computer. Thing is I don't have a mic so that's pointless to answer the calls. Therefore I bought the phones, they were working great and about a week ago they stopped. So any suggestion?

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Please contact the place that you bought the 'phone from and they will help you.



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