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Connection problems with 1st generation Skype phones

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I got them from eBuy-
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Thanks skbazza. Have had problems in China with my Dualphone since the start of the year. Disappointingly still not addressed by Skype. I installed firmware v245 (had been on v250), and it started working immediately. Cheers.

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what if my phone is not able to choose (Firmware Update ), I can se it on the phone - but i cant choose it? aaasarg!

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My phone is the Linksys CIT200.  It was working properly.  After installing the latest version, it no longers connects to Skype.

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I don't know if this is the same or a new problem affecting several different phones. Within the last two weeks a Skype change has resulted in the following issues:


  • Unable to edit profiles.
  • Unable to edit mood messages.
  • Skype ID showing in place of your name.
  • Intermittent disconnectivity / late delivery of messages.
  • Difficulty logging back in after you got disconnected because you tried to edit your profile/mood message.


The issue has been described by Users of the following phones:

  • Huawei U7510
  • Samsung Wave 723
  • Nokia E71


The problem appears to be account-based and only affecting specific accounts when they use Skype mobile. Eg. I have 3 Skype accounts, only my main account is affected. I have two Huawei U7510 phones and the problem occurs on both phones, but only when I use my main Skype account; the other two accounts do not have any of the symptoms on either of the phones.


Reports have come from the following threads: (Message 2)


If this is a new, unrelated problem, could you please confirm if it's likely to be resolved?


Thank you.

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I cannot login with my new GE/Skype DECT6.0 handset

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I'm logged in now -- it was an operator error.  I'm loving this handset!!

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has this ever been fixed RTX Dualphone 3088 i still cannot signon it just stays on singing in message

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My sister in law is having problems with a GE model 31591. She has purchased minutes and cannot use them. She purchased for one year. I have followed all the steps to connect ( I have one of these and have had no problems). what can you suggest.