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Connection problems with 1st generation Skype phones

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Signed in on my DUALphone 3088 with firmware 245 then I applied firmware 250 and could not sign-in again. Reapplied firmware 245 and all is working again.


Previously I had been running firmware 250 with-out a problem for at least 2 years.

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Hi there,


I have the DUALphone 3088 too, no problem at all during the week end but since this morning I cannot have any conversation at all. The phone rings when someone call me and I can call people but then as soon as I / they pick up the phone then no voice comes along, only silence. So far I am using skype on my mobile instead but that does not wuit me since I can't receive calls on my skype number...


Any clue?


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I am have the Sype Dualphone 3088 and I use it in Sri Lanka. It worked fine for almost two years now.


Sorry to inform that my skype phone (DUALphone 3088) had been out of order for the last three days, simply the login does not go through.


Should appriciate if you could look in to this matter urgently.





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My Dualphone 3088 was connacted again on March 12 and I could call regularly.

Since yesterday March 13 the Dualphone in connected, I can make calls BUT when it's answered my Dualphone is MUTE: I dont hear any signal, my correspondant does not hear me.

MY CREDIT IS DEBITED for the time I try to get an answer, few seconds until I disconnect.


I have checked micro and earphones: all properly working.


Thanks for solving this problem: I cant use the Dualphone, but I pay just to tray !!!

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We are currently gradually restoring the service. It may take a while until each and every device worldwide can connect successfully. Please report here if you could login successful or are still facing issues.

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I had issue in Ireland since March 12th, Logged in with both 3088 phones this morning all good
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its been happening for a few weeks and i havent been able to talk to my dad help please

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As of yesterday, my Linksys CIT400 modem & phone finally was able to reconnect with Skype again.


Thank you.

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As of Wednesday morning, i could normally connect and login on Skype with Topcom Webt@lker 6000 firmware 233.

It even seems that the sound quality for Skype out calls improved, but i dont want to speak too soon, i might jinx it :-)


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Still can not sign in with my GE/Skype phone 28310.

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