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Connection problems with 1st generation Skype phones

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We have learned that customers with certain Skype certified phones are having log-in issues. We are sorry to hear about these difficulties and we are doing our best to look into this matter to resolve these issues.


Update (14.03.2012): We're currently gradually deploying an update on our end that should allow the certified phones to connect again. 


Following models may be affected:

  • DUALphone 3088
  • FreeTalk SP2014
  • GE/Skype phone 28310
  • GE 5-2746
  • Ipevo Solo
  • Ipevo SO-20
  • Linksys CIT400
  • NetGear SPH200D
  • Panasonic KX-WP1050E
  • Philips VOIP 841
  • Sony Playstation Portable
  • TOPCOM Webt@lker 6000

Please report here if you have another Skype certified phone not able to log in any more.


(Thanks for all your reports. I will delete all replies in this topic after I've added your device to the list above to keep this topic focussed. Please use the board for discussions.)

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Novel Adventurer

Why did Skype take so long to acknowledge the problem?

Why did Skype try to fob off the problems on third party manufacturers?

Doesn't the term "Skype certified" represent a legal and moral obligation on Skype to ensure service?

Why is Skype customer support so poor?


I've been a Skype user since about Skype 0.6 or 0.9. I wrote glowing articles about Skype for the publications I worked for in South Africa. This sort of high-handedness and complete disregard for your customers really pisses me off.


Llewellyn Jones

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My DualPhone was out over the weekend.  I was one who reported the problem.  It seems to be fixed as of this morning.  Thank you.

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I was able (just a couple minutes ago) to re-connect my Skype phone....all is (finally) well again.... (whew!!) 


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Novel Adventurer

My Skype is connected. I can make and receive calls.

**BUT** no one can hear me.

(DualPhone 3088)

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It works again in Germany! Thanks!

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Works here also.

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Novel Adventurer

Dualphone 3088: still doesn't work in Hungary

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edit: just managed to sign in for few minutes only to get offline again... while online no contacts appeared on my account
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Not only have I loss conection but a friend I skyped when I was fortunate to have a connection for 5 minutes ended up with my complete contacted list and I ended up with, not only his contact list but also his account. This is a very serious breach of privacy and when I informed them they seemed at best indefferent
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