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Can't login to Skype in Nokia E72

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the above method is not worked
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I finally succeeded to solve the same problem. Open your browser and go to, there just login thru the website to your account and is asked about security certificate just allow it to be installed permanently. Then after logging in simply launch the skype app and register thru that one as well. I suspect this has something to do with security/certificates not allowing you to log in...
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...just forgot to stress - go to, not and by web browser I meant your phone web browser...
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Hi i have install skype ealier but i can't login them i removed to install new again and now i can't install after download. Regard
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I had the same problem in my nokia C5. Try logging in a few times continuously. It logged me in on the 5th attempt. Once you login successfully u may logout whenever you want. For the subsequent logins u may not have to do it more than once. At least I dint have to

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I did't delete all my acces points, just made connection i was using priority No 1. That worked for me. Sorry for bad english

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pleas re install my skype
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Every one listen 

here is a solution for everyone who failed to signin

download skype version 1,5,0,12 and install on your phone 

after instalation open skype and go to sign in page(just go to sign in page not try for signing in) and minimize the skype just minimize not exit

after minimizing go to control pannel then go to data mngr go to app mngr go to installed apps

open it and find voipaudiosrv and remove it from phone

after removing quick go to skype back and try to sign in after 3 to 4 minutes you will succesfully signed in after signed in he will ask for automatically save press yes

and exit the skype

now very important point:

uninstall skype after signed in and install again and go to sign in page again and just try to sign in with in seconds you will signed in

not forget to say thanks


any problem with installation please comment here

i have also a solution for the error (expired certificate)

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can,t login skype in nokia e72, i tried many times but login problem.plz solve my problem
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I am facing a same issue with e72, it shows
for long time after that it came back to
same sign-in page. if Anybody has found a
solution to problem let me know. If any knows tel me on this mail plzzzzzz [Mod edit: Please do not include personal/private information when making a public post. Thanks!]

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