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Can I install Skype on Nintendo Wii?

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I just bought a Nintendo Wii, and was wondering if Skype can be installed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Currently, the Nintendo wii does not support skype. The only third-party app wii supports is Netflix. On the upside...well sort of a downside now that you've bought the wii... is that Nintendo is supposedly coming out with the Wii U (sometime in 2012) which will have video capabilities and may also be compatible with skype. Hopefully the rumors are true and they'll find a way to make skype compatible with the 'old' wii as well! :cathappy:


Hope I helped, have a wonderful day! :]

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Hello, OwlEyedHeart or anyone


I just want to check if right now it is still the same situations with wii and Skype. Can I install Skype on my Nintendo Will?


thank you for your time


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skype is not compatible with the wii u but it should update soon
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Thank you cuteboots01.

Hey by the way, when do you estimate that it could happen?
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I bought the Wii U ! and its camera in the controler and im pretty sure I saw in a will commercial a girl skyping! If anyone know how please tell me! All of my USB ports are shot but my cable box, blue ray player and tv all have usb ports I wish i could hook um my camera that way! Any help I would love! thanks jmflannagan12
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I run netflicks through my wii u and blue ray player how can i connect my camera and make it work thanks jmflannagan12
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