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Boardroom Secrets and Skype for BlackBerry

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Has anyone noticed how the Top Kudoed Posts in this section all concern Skype for BlackBerry yet Skype are content to ignore the issue. There has to be a very good reason for this silence, a reason that could be potentially embarassing or expensive for Skype. There can be no other excuse for this blatant product discrimination and appalling attitude towards existing and potential customers.


Epic Fail from Skype.

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I fully agree with your analysis.

Posts in this section are ignored, e-mails answered completely off-topic, comments (even gentle ones like "is Skype coming to BB") given on boasts about "cross-platform" and "on all platforms" in the official blog are even not published and so on ....


I suppose Skype is acting like a child: if I close my eyes and ears, maybe it will go away...

Once again, I would like to call upon everybody who attends conferences, shows etc. where Skype has a booth to go up to them and ask the question face-to-face. See how they dodge that one. And most of all: publish these answers in this forum!!


The only reason I can come up with for this whole debacle is that Skype has some sort of agreement, contract with some other firm (Verizon?, Microsoft?) that has them so cornered they have no way to go. Remember: follow the money....


For the rest: I use Google Talk for IM (on PC and BB) and videochat on PC. Skype became my last resort instead of first choice...


Mock your customers and see where this gets you Skype!

Maybe one day, an ex-employee of Skype will explain everything in an open letter?

It seems to become a habit nowadays...



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In Europe Skype is based in Luxembourg.


Luxembourg is a jurisdiction with a high income economy featuring moderate growth, low unemployment, and low inflation.  Over recent decades, growth in financial services, especially banking and other financial exports, have created an attractive tax environment with complete banking secrecy.  Luxembourg has created a favorable tax system for holding companies, and enacted numerous double taxation treaties.  Luxembourg hosts many internet companies that have shifted their regional HQ to Luxembourg, e.g. Skype and eBay.


Tax avoiders who can't even be bothered to answer your questions !! I'm beginning to feel this goes much deeper than product discrimination and poor customer service !

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