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Blackberry Q10 - delete skype history

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Novel Tourist

How do you delete skype history/chat/conversations on blackberry Q10?

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Novel Tourist

no one here to reply on mentioned? i am also tried to delet history. but no way!!!!!

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Hi, Emranbhuyan, and welcome to the Community,


I do not see a way to do this on my Z10, either.  




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Novel Tourist

I can delete the messages I send by holding down my finger on the message and it will give a delete option, but the same does not work for the message received


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Experienced Adventurer

Brilliant! Glad I found you! I hold down on any 'RECENT' on my Q10 get 2 options, 'save number' and 'remove from recent' it works!

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Novel Tourist

This works at removing the chat from the "recent" list --- but it does NOT remove the chat itself. If you click on the contact with whom you had the chat, it still shows up. And, it does this even if/after you delete all of your chat history on a desktop client. Not good.

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Experienced Adventurer

Well I can't check this now as all my ophone contacts have disappeared off my Skype on Blackberry!

Only have Skype contacts now, still all lok on PC....any ideas anybody?

I updated BBM, could that interfere?

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Novel Tourist

On Recent menu, you can see list of chat (history), choose a recent chat, hold one second.

Plse choose "Remove from recent".

It will delete recent chat

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Experienced Adventurer

Replying to myself now! Yes I found that if you hold your finger  an item in RECENT, you get a choice, 'add to favoutites' or 'remove from recent'.

A lot more time consuming than using 'clear history' on the PC, and I find it strange that items cleared off the PC are still on the phone, I'd have thought that the two would talk to each other!

And .........losing all my contacts was silly of me.

In PEOPLE, above the first letter is the word ALL> (or Skype or Available depending what you left it on) press that and you get a choice of three things ALL; SKYPE; AVAILABLE.

So, keeping it on ALL brought back all my contacts.

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Yes I didn't realise that, that is really strange, all the chat with the contact is still there after deletion!!!

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