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BlackBerry Torch 9860

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ill be very glad to add skype app to my 9860 great device too. i think, more activity from torch users will hit this problem, or it doesnt? where is support team? make my day, pls. with love from rsa!!!
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pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassseee make skype for blackberry torch 9850!

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Just like all the other correspondants on this topic I would like to see Skype on my Torch 9860. My friend showed me yesterday how smoothly it worked on the iphone and the specs of the 9860 are more than enough to support Skype.


Can at least someone of the Skype team give us an answer when Skype will be available? I was really hoping that this forum/community was bringing customers in touch with with the company.



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Yes come on Skype ! You call this a support forum ! Its a JOKE !
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Dear Skype we really need your program on 9860! Please answer if it will be on this model or not.

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i need Skype support blackberry 9860
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I am wondering why skype is not available for BB9860 and other devices of BB although its a free
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It ssems Skype believe silence is golden. In the real world of customer service it is just ignorance.
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Pelase show some real skills skype..............i need skype so badly for my business...............i can not move on android and apple devices jsut for your of the finest mobile device is crying for your finest software....................what is wrong with blackberry so you are not providing support to BB

skype Shame on you

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there's no skype for bb9860 why?because skype company don't need money, easy enough to understand?

it's a microsoft, with that i said all what you need to know why?

instead using skype and make them money we use services like mobilevoip because they do want money and they do put interest in that

wanna use skype on bb9860? use im+ and by that you have skype chat, use viber or whatsapp or if you are willing to pay extra money you can try mobilevoip really low costs for calling

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