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Battery Life Drain.

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Novel Adventurer

Ok I'm liking the Skype Vita app so far, I've actually started using it for making calls instead of my phone while I've been out through my Vita 3G. But besdies the texting feature missing another thing thats bothering me is that this app seems to drain the life of the Vita pretty quickly while running in the backround when screen is off. Are there going to be improvement on the battery life while this app is running in the future updates?

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Novel Tourist

I agree completely.  When the Skype app is not running i can get around 6 to 7 hours out of the Vita, even if i am playing a game.  When the Skype app is on  two to two and a half hours max.  It is a joke. Besides not being able to text, you also can't listen to your voice mail if someone leaves you a message.  I was planning on using the Vita instead of a phone but it is not working out that well. 

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