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BB 9900 - Skype can only be used with a Telkomsel SIM?

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Novel Tourist

I just dl skype app for my BB, but I cannot access.

It reports that I can only use with a Telkomsel SIM.

Anyone has an idea how to solve this problem?

Cheers, VP

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Casual Tourist

I have exact the same problem with my BB9900.. dont understand what a Telkomsel SIM would be.. is this service only allowed with a specific provider? or does it mean a specific additional service with your current sim?

Looking forward to the solution.

(I was also able to see that the BB9900 was not in the supported devices list.. but I was able to install anyway.. Guess maybe this is the reason?)

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Casual Tourist
I can see that these 2 inquiries were never answered. How do we talk to Skype about this issue
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Routine Adventurer

You may try to follow this link from your BB9930​bile.jad


It works for me


Good Lucks

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Novel Adventurer
Did we ever get a solution for this problem?
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Novel Adventurer

Did not work for my BB9900. Do you have any other solutions?

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Novel Tourist

i have the same problem on my blackberry 9900---

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Novel Adventurer

I have the same problem with a BB9650 from Verizon. I am searched the verizon site - no help there either. I wish either Skype or Verizon would figure out what the problem is.  

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Novel Tourist
I have galaxy s2 hand set.when i am opening skype,result is cim telkomsel.what is the solution
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Novel Tourist

getting the same problem.  I see that Skype hasn't resolved this yet... what i don't understand is that I actually had Skype on my BB about a year ago and it worked fine...  seems like the produce has gotten worse over time...

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