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Update Skype now to improve your experience

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At Skype, our goal is to be the best way for friends, families, loved ones, and colleagues to communicate whether across the globe or across the street. Over the past year, we’ve introduced lots of exciting new ways to bring people together, such as free group video callsvideo messaging and chat enhancements.


We want everyone to experience the best Skype has to offer – from enhanced quality to better reliability to improved security – and the newest version of Skype is the way to do that. So everyone can benefit from the latest improvements, we’ll retire older versions of Skype across all platforms, including mobile devices, in the near future. It’s easy to update Skype; once you do, you’ll have access to the latest features our team has worked hard to deliver.


We told you about some of the great features available with the latest version of Skype for Windows desktop, like syncing read and unread messages across devices, as well as sending and receiving messages even when your contacts are offline. We’ve brought these and other capabilities – like battery savings, fast app resume, improved audio and video quality, the latest security updates, increased reliability and our modern user interface – across all other platforms too.


To keep chatting, sharing and doing things together on Skype with the people you care about most, download the latest version of Skype today. It’s easy to do – all you need is to follow the instructions for the platform you’re using. You’ll need your Skype ID or Microsoft account username and password; if you’ve forgotten them, here’s where they can be retrieved.


We’re committed to bringing more great experiences across all platforms that gets you closer to the people you care about most.


If you need help, visit the Skype Support and join the discussion here at the Skype Community.


Thank you!  I just updated mine.  :happy:

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I cannot install new version of skype ! When I want to download skye that show me another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue.

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Well you've just screwed me Skype - thanks.    It's nice that you want to force users to upgrade, but maybe some users had a reason for using an older version?  


I bought my 90 year old mother a Skype Videophone from ASUS, which is not compatible with the newer versions of Skype.  So I kept an older version on one of my computers so we could still chat.  She loves being able to see me and chat. 


So thank you Skype team - thanks to you, the next time I'm able to see my mother, she'll probably be in a casket.  Well done. 





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i hate new versions of skype, the time of load the program is about 5 to 10 sec on the newer versions and cpu usage is more too, on the version i find usefull 5.10 loads in 1 or 2 secods and the cpu its minimun usage, and the mobile version of android i have to downgrade cuz the chat secction is really really REALLY MESSY, and dont have the ocupated, away, or invisible mode status. so many mistakes from the new versions and you keep saying that are better + i would like to have skins on skype. not the ugly withe box that is the newer versions


good comnucation by skype great to connect world people

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And that keeps Skype stay stood in competition with Hangouts.


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The times I have used/neeeded Skype it has come through with Flying Colors.  How ever, for some reason the devlopers just can't seem to get it right so that it works across all platforms.  Why should I have to reccongfig my system each time it upgras simply becuase I don't likle Microsoft and Bing is the most useless search engine I have found DOGPILE.COM has it beat.  But we'll do thi sONE MORE TIME and the next time we'll Uninstall Skype if it can't conform with the secure browsers and search engines, of which Microsaft is not even in the ball park

Novel Adventurer

I can't afford a shiny new laptop / desktop and I can't afford to upgrade my operating system to Vista or whatever you think I should have.  Until last week I ran a laptop and a desktop.;  Your 'update now' button corrupted my laptop operating system &  I've not been able to reinstall.  Your Update pages for Skype say it will only run on Vista or later, which I don;t have.  But some pages mention Windows XP.  Should  I take a chance with my one remaining working system, or will your update screw that too?  Why should I bother when I can use Google Hangouts instead?

Casual Tourist


I have upgraded Skype just now (only because you told me my old Windows version is going out of support).

Now I hear that "due to technology improvements we are making to the Skype experience, some features of the API will stop working with Skype for desktop. For example, delivery of chat messages using the API will cease to work...".


So, improvement = things stop working?


I use Skype for voice calls and will probably continue to do so.

As for chat..... if you take away the 3rd party chat via Skype capability.... I will simply tell my Skype CHAT partners that they will have to choose one of the many other CHAT protocols to reach me..... or not reach me at all.

I guess that will mean I will not phone (Skype) them as much any more !!!


BAD idea.

Novel Adventurer

I received email to update Skype due to current version going to be obsolete.  Well full install wont work..has to do with the call feature...which i dont use...but now to sign into skype i get empty blue screen...problem I had months I am all screwed upl.


FIX?  Respond to my email please..[Removed for privacy] or [Removed for privacy]

Novel Tourist

We transferred all data from this pc to a new pc which we haven't hooked up yet.  Now I get an email on the old pc to update to the new version of Skype.  Can I wait until we have hooked up the new pc, and will the new download still be available?  It could be several weeks before we have the new computer fully functional.


OK, so what is the version number of this latest release? My current version is but when I check for updates, it tells me I already have the mnost current version. I did download the new version and installed it, but every time I open it and login, it takes me to the version. Yet, I still receive email messages saying I need to update.

Novel Tourist

I'm more than a little concerned about this - if my current version of Skype is going to be "retired" and will sign me out by force and not allow me to sign back in, and I don't have one of the newest operating systems on my computer, am I pretty much screwed? Because that's really how it sounds. My company uses Skype to communicate, and I can't just tell IT we need to upgrade our operating systems because this program decided to make itself useless.


Edit: The way this is all being handled is really confusing. I was looking in the support forums for other Mac users who don't have Mavericks, and found this thread where I could get a newer version (6.15) that would work for me. Apparently version 6.15 runs on Snow Leopard (which I have, on both my work and home computers) and when I went to check what version I currently had installed, it was version 5.8, which had me befuddled because I've been getting all the automated Skype updates, the latest of which was probably two or three weeks ago. Did version 5 just stop being "smart" about its own updates and not inform me that there was a version 6 available that would run on my OS? Is this version 6.15 the "new" version being touted on the downloads page (which doesn't state which version number you'd be downloading - not helpful)? Because if so, you're freaking everybody out with incorrect system requirements.


If the system requirements listed there are correct, please make the information readily available about what versions will run on what OSes and where to download the ones that will work for us.

Casual Adventurer

So what you're saying is, people like me who use version 5.10 are going to be screwed. People on a Windows 7 who actually want to use Skype is screwed. People who want to keep their computers unbricked are screwed if they want skype. This isn't a company who is trying to give everyone functionality, this is a company who is trying to GUT it. Our older versions work PERFECTLY fine, we don't need you guys taking away what's left of them piece by piece until nothing is left.


Yeah, I've had it. If we kept our functionality, I'd be fine. I love my current skype version and was BEYOND pissed when I found you guys had made it so I can't join any more groups, but now you're trying to pull THIS **bleep**? You'd better give me, no, ALL of us, a **bleep** good reason to not switch to Google Hangouts, Mumble, Vent, or some other chat program, because you're going a great job of pissing everyone off and making them get rid of skype for good.

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I could not open skype on my laptop which I was using earlier. since last one week whenever tried gives message your version is old we have signed you out so I tried to install new version on clicking same window but it is not downloading only green bars are running for hours without any indication and time is showing 3hrs to one hr to 55 mints and 1 hour it is not reducing. Is it not possible to download? do I need to change version?

Novel Tourist

I won't upgrade my 3 Win 7 desk tops just to use SKYPE, nor my 3 IPOD Touch 4th Gen. Seems SKYPE just wants to thin their user base.  If I had an IPhone or android I would have no need for SKYPE. Seems like a dead end to a service to me.

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Hi there - I can see there are a LOT of angry people who don't seem to be able to be able to download the latest Skype - is it really true that we are screwed? I have all the system requirements that is says are required...........................I would really appreciate your help if there is ANYBODY OUT THERE. Skype doesn't seem to have a help desk..........

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I wanted to update my Skype on my old iPhone3. But it sais I have to upgrade to IOS 7 when I try to download.. even though the information says it should be possible anyways. I have IOS 6.1.6 now and I don't know/want to update. What do I do? I NEED Skype.. 

Novel Tourist

Shame on you, Microsoft! My 94 years old grandmother is no longer able to see her grandchildren in video calls. It was bad enough that the newer versions of Skype did not provide compatibility with the Asus Aiguru and that we had to constantly reinstall older versions, but now you effectively stopped that solution from working as well. There is no alternative now, it is not like she can start using a tablet or a computer at this age, with the constant updates and the swiping, and the range of impossible to uninstall apps, etc. Microsoft does not even offer an alternative device that is simple and is just a skype videophone. Shame on you, Microsoft, for this random decision that effectively crushes my family. I hope the guy who made the decision to retire older versions of skype one day experiences the same desperation we feel today. 

Novel Tourist

So I logged into my old version of skype today and was instantly logged out with the notice that I wouldnt be able to log back in unless I updated. wow its almost like I turned off automatic updates because I didn't want to update from the version of skype that worked best on my computer. I definitly love this new version of skype though! It is completely different, because this one is much slower, so I have time to sit and think about how much I just love skype. and has more adds for skype in every single window! I would forget I was using skype if not for those adds... for skype. Also I love how people can't change the group picture now! I love not being able to customize skype whatsoever. 

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can anyone help me just bought asus k55n laptop 2weeks age,and skype is doing fine then suddenly it asks for an update so that i can login when i download the new version skype skype cannot detect any webcam may cam in my laptop works fine can anyone help me please i needed videocall for my family back home thanks!

Novel Tourist

Hey, thanks Skype!

Now you've FORCED me to find a Skype alternative, by immediately logging me out of the version of Skype YOU recommended I install for my ancient hardware.



Your new skype is just lousy. Thanks for the upgrade, i cannot talk with my wife in the philippines now on video. I will search for another source to communicate with her. Thanks, but no thanks!!!!!!

Casual Adventurer

I just received this notification:
Community_Team wrote: Congratulations, jeffboy!
As the result of your contributions to the community, you have earned a new rank. Your new rank is Casual Adventurer.
We appreciate your efforts and hope you will continue to be an active member of the community.
The Skype Community Team
I attempted to reply but received the message that "This user does not accept private messages". Here's what I tried to send:

Well, you apparently made note of the fact that I've been posting comments but not of the content of those comments.


Many of us (Skype users) are perturbed by the fact that we can no longer set Skype to "ring on all devices". In practical terms, that means that we now must unplug our headphones whenever we're not actually using them or when we walk away from the computer, plugging them in again when we get a call. We realize that this is not an issue for those who use Skype on a mobile device or for those who use the built-in microphone/speakers on a laptop (try that in a noisy airport, I dare you!)  I use wireless headphones myself, and I really miss the days when I could leave the wireless headphone transmitter plugged into the computer and move about freely, never worrying that I would miss a call.


We don't understand why the "ring on all devices" feature was eliminated. We especially don't understand why all of our complaints (made through every avenue available) seem to have fallen on deaf ears. It angers me that you have now forced me to upgrade my version of Skype. Silly me, I thought, "Maybe that means that I'll get my 'ring on all devices' feature back now."


I hope that some human being will actually read this message and either explain why we no longer enjoy the "ring on all devices" feature or begin working on getting it back.


Respectfully yours,


Jeff B.

(Skype user since the git-go)


Skype is greatest app. I like and love it. But now new Skype updated
version not good both side Android (Skype Version 5.0.049715) and
Desktop (Skype Version Because I feel some problems with
that. When I sign out Skype, I am online in my friends Skype list. As
well as my friends when sign out, they also online show in my list.
But when i use Skype in windows phone just perfectly show who are real
online. Family and friends getting pretty annoying think I'm online
and try to send me messages or call me when I'm not online and they
get upset that I don't reply. I hope you solve this problems


Neloy Khan

Novel Tourist

hi im new here, i just wanna know what should i do to launch my skype, coz everytime i try it, btw, i just downloaded a latest version


this one appear


"Failed to get proc address for GetLogicalProcessorInformation (kernell32.dll)"

Novel Tourist

microsoft   you have stuffed up windows 8   which is rubbish   now you get your hands on skype  and you 

--- skype  to   its  obvious  school kids  know  more  than you about computers  --- fix  the problems  you have caused if not  i will  move to facetime    i think most  of  you  people   out  thier  should  use  and   make window  ---




Edited to conform with the Community Guidelines

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Hello, my grandmother"s sister have problems with skype so i went there to help her.  She is using older PC with Windows XP. She use her skype to talk with her family from abroad and suddenly one day she could not sign to her profile because of error. It said that she was signed out and need new version of skype. So i downloaded it but there was then error Kernel32.dll so i updated service pack to 3. Then she was able to sign into her skype profile but  video calling is not working ....there was notice that if she downlaod older one  it will work with webcam i clicked on that link downloaded it and then she was agin not able to login in because it wrote that she was automatically signed out because of old version. Does it mean she can not video call at all at skype? Where is the problem? Could it be caused by older webcam or what?(in the past her webcam was working with older version of Skype)  I hope you will be able to solve this problem for her because skype is main thing why she use a pc...

Novel Tourist



I have just updated my skype to it's latest version in my other laptop. Upon accesing skype using my username an password it does not work. From the sype app I cannot enter my user name and password I cannot type any letter from the sign in text box the text box is disabled

Novel Tourist

hello I dont know how to update skype? :cattongue: :womansad:

Novel Tourist

Does Microsoft realize how much ill-will it creates by doing stuff like this?


I have installed the most recent version that can be installed on my XP machine.


I'm not going to buy a new version of Windows and I'm not going to buy a new machine. Everything (until today) works fine.


I now can't run Skype, which I've been using before it was Microsoft, not for any technical reason, but just because big brother NSA - Microsoft wants me to.


What? The NSA can't spy on me as easily until I install a new version?


Karma. If only it were instant.



Novel Tourist


I use Linux and am running V4.2 (and it works fine) ... downloaded and seemed to have installed V4.3 and cannot find it to run it.  Perhaps, give the above discussion, it is a good thing I can't run V4.3.  And most amusing to note there is absolutely no feedback from the skype people on the poor user experiences.  Clearly now Skype is billyware you get what you pay for.

Novel Adventurer
Skype for Linux hasn't changed a bit. It's still the most annoying program on my computer! I shouldn't have to have 10 Windows open to IM with my friend. >:(
Casual Tourist

I made an attempt to update the latest version of Skype for Windows, however, I received an error message that indicated "failed to get proc address for GetLogicProcessorInformation (KERNEL32.dll)".  Skype will not allow me to log on without downloading the latest version.  What can I do to fix this problem?  Thanks

Novel Tourist

thanks Microsoft, after forced update... NO SKYPE on my MAC OS X v10.5.8. ... I feel cheated 

Novel Tourist


Novel Tourist

Since I have the latest version, 6.19 I'm having problems with every Skype call. It doesn't connet the call.

It happens with all of my contacts.

When I type a message it shows like it's sent but my contacts never receive it.

I have uninstalled and installed the program several times and still have the problem. My internet connection runs a 100%.

It doesnt work on any of my devices, laptop an cell phone.

Ah! The only way it works is if I call a cell phone number! Very clever....

It's more than 10 ears using Skype with no problems. Now sucks big time!!!

Any suggestions?


Novel Tourist

Dear Skype,

  So, I have Skype open for a couple of hours, then am a few minutes late initiating a 4-person conference call. I connect the first person, and a minute later connect the second - when suddenly Skype announces that I have been disconnected because my version is obsolete. So, without warning to me or the other people I am bringing into the call, I have to download the new version, fuss with its not immediately recognizing my login, and then bring them in. Why on earth could it not instead have been a pop-up "Your version of Skype is now obsolete. Upgrade now or later?" - with the upgrade beginning when the current call is complete?  (Or as other people have pointed out, with a third option "No thanks, I need my current version" - perhaps with a feedback dialog so you know why, and maybe can patch older versions, or fix backward compatibility issues.)

Casual Tourist

This is Skype with an "improved experience?" I just spent almost an hour with a friend who is 2000 miles away, trying to get his 'new improved' version working right on his laptop. I've been using Skype since it first showed up ages ago, way before MS bought it, and this has been the most frustrating thing ever, this 'improvement'. The man is a doctor and by no means stupid, but trying to get this new version working on his laptop was almost impossible. He does still have Win7, so perhaps that's the problem; we ended up using his iPad, where Skype still works fine.


If Microsoft is trying to bully people into buying new computers with Win8.1 on them, they are doing themselves a lot of damage. I have it because I had to buy a new desktop; it's not on my 17.3" laptop, however, and I do not intend to change.


In fact, I am getting more and more interested in going the Mac route. But then I suppose MS will want to mess Skype up there, too.


Not what I would call treating good customers well.

Casual Tourist

Why not make the changes an UPGRADE instead of a new version.


Millions of us using office computers now have to go through the annoyance of begging our IT admin to give us permission to reinstall.

Casual Tourist

skyebe proven more and more by time goes on its worthless program due to its inexpert working team and disfiunctional program. 

Novel Adventurer

Dear Microsoft.


You had another opportunity here to kill off all us old XP users once more !  But you included a version of Skype that runs on XP SP3.  Heading over to the download page I found a "Windows Desktop" version and a "Skype for Modern Windows" version - LOL !


Seeing as I paid for my operating system and I pay for my Skype subscription, you turn around and alienate your users with new versions of software which don't work, are full of advertisements and are so resource intensive our devices run like elephants.  All part of the inbuilt obsolesense model and making us upgrade.


Just another knife in your back and more a reason to look at other platforms and software which just work.  No wonder customers are deserting Windows and I am starting to see the light as well.


Do I really need Skype any more... maybe not ?


Instead of the new improvements how about restoring some of the most loved features that got taken away? Those features are the reason no one wanted to be FORCED to upgrade. Why is it that a creator of a room can no longer delete messages of the members of the room or edit their comments? This is needed to make sure that inappropriate comments don’t get made or hurtful angry comments can be removed in part or whole; kicking someone out of a room doesn’t change the damage that is done!  The whole purpose of creating a room or being a MASTER user was to be able to control the tone of the chat. Why were these features removed? Why after so many complaints have they not been brought back? If you want to improve my Skype experience you will return these NECESSARY features.


Casual Tourist

Hello :)

please help me .

I cannot read a video message of my friend. when i click on the video , i can read : You need an update To play the message you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.  I did the update of the Flash plugin and i have the lastest version of skype because when i click : check for update , a message written : you already have the last version of skype and i use my Windows XP , but still the same problem , i cannot read the message :sad:

please help me . thanks

Casual Tourist
"On 10 May 2011, Microsoft announced it had agreed to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion." I at that time told my friends who use skype daily with me that the end was near. I just did the upgrade and can no longer do a conference call with my two friends in the midwest.??? They are running the previous version of skype, which you would think should be compatible with the new version. No I don't one to debug, trouble shoot, and waste my time trying to make what used to work fine work again.......... I read the negative comments with interest. Unlike some software companies that allow their older versions to remain on the shelf should the user want the choice, desire and option to remain with what they are comfortable with, microsoft has a history of dropping products and forcing customers to upgrade hardware to run the new and improved software. I read the other day that Microsoft now has 21% of the market for all devices running operating systems. They once dominated the market. My samsung products operate relatively smoothly while I must daily prod the windows operating system to get the lead out. Windows 10 new and improved.............. I hope so, but after 30 plus years in the software business this type of program shouldn't be a challenge SUGGESTIONS If you want to improve skype make it more functional on android and IOS operating systems. Your customers like and use both system and will abandon your software before they abandon their hardeware! Make the new versions of skype compatible with older versions of skype. Don't force people to abandon hardware to use your newest product. [Removed for privacy]
Novel Tourist

updated fine on desktop no problems here although the android version since updating seems to not show me as online when iam online displays me as invisible & no way to click to show as online apart from that everything seems to be working. just can't show up as online when im logged in on android not particular bothered as i don't tend to use mobile version much.

Casual Adventurer

Skype 6.3 is the newest version.  It says so.  Click on Help, Check for Updates, and it says I'm using the latest version.  I can't log in, but I don't have to log in to do this.


Skype 6.21 is the newest version.  It says so.  Click on Help, Check for Updates, and it says I'm using the latest version.  I can log in, but it isn't necessary.  The same check can be done either when logged in or not.


Skype 6.22 is the newest version.  It says so.


What about my contacts?  Skype 6.21 lists all of the contacts that I recall -- I'm not sure if some are missing, but I don't recall any.  Skype 6.22 lists some of my contacts but not others -- I could find one by doing a search, and I could ask the contact to make a duplicate addition, but I didn't.


Now what about a WORKING version of Skype.  This has been addressed in several other discussion threads, but here's a lack-of-progress report.  A few years ago I gave old PCs to some relatives, which still mostly work, and we did video calling through Skype until Microsoft stopped allowing logins from versions of Skype that did video calling on Pentium III-M and Celerons of that era.  We had some trouble with VoxOx but next week maybe we can try to see if it's fixed.  Jitsi installed on their PCs but didn't open any windows when they tried to run the application.  Does anyone know what video chat software we should upgrade to?


Greate update.

Casual Tourist

"We’re committed to bringing more great experiences across all platforms that gets you closer to the people you care about most."


yeah, but you guys can't even discern when a user is online or offline as reflected in the status. how does that help? 


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