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UPDATED: Changes to your Skype online status

Former Staff

Update 07/01/2015: We have lowered the inactivity timer from 60 minutes to five minutes.


If you use Skype on a mobile client, we’re making changes to the way your Skype status is shown to your contacts. This change is happening so that it’s clearer to your friends when you are actively using Skype and when you’re away. These changes will be introduced gradually and have already been activated for the first group of users.


Previously, if you had signed in to a mobile client, Skype would always show you as online to your contacts.


Now, when you are offline on your desktop client and not active on your mobile client for 60 minutes five minutes, your status will be changed from Online to Away.


If you sign out of Skype before closing it your contacts will see you go offline immediately, just as they did before. You can also continue to use the /remotelogout chat command to sign out of Skype on all your devices other than the one you’re currently using.


This change to your online status will be applied across all versions of Skype, but there are slight differences depending on the device you use, and this is described below.


Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Mac


If you use the Show me as Away when I’ve been inactive for X minutes setting in Skype for Windows desktop or Skype for Mac, or if you have disabled it through Tools > Options nothing will change for you as a result of this update. There also won’t be any changes to how you manually set your status to Do not Disturb, Invisible or Away.


Skype for Android


Skype for Android syncs with our servers once every 8 hours when left running in the background. This activity will bring you out of your Away state temporarily. You can prevent this by stopping the Skype for Android process.


The steps for stopping a process differ from one version of Android to another, so be sure to check with your handset manufacturer for instructions for your device.


Additionally, if you have enabled the feature sync group messages in the background, this will register as Skype activity on your Android device and will stop your status being set to Away.

To configure this feature go into Settings > Notifications.



Skype for iPad (iOS)


The Skype for iPad application also has a feature to periodically check in with the Skype servers. As with Android, this has the effect of bringing you out of Away status and back Online. Hence, if you are running Skype for iPad, your status will always show Green (Online) until such time as you stop or sign out of the application.


Skype for iPhone, iPod and Windows Mobile


If you have Skype for iPhone, iPod or Windows Phone, your status behaviour will changed as described, showing you as Away to your contacts after 60 minutes five minutes of inactivity.

Novel Adventurer

What I "like" most these days is that if I look at my status in the 5 ipads and iphones in my household, I have a different status fin each of them. This is cool, isn't it? I can't think of a product that delivers utmost state of art uncertainty!!!!!!!! Great to boost relationships!!!!

Experienced Adventurer

Dear Skype,

Since this is a problem that you have with the Windows platform only, please update this only.
1. Do not replace the servers that runs Linux and works.
    Just roll back the old Linux servers, they have "So_DONTLINGER" set correct.
     Maybe someone in Microsoft can make a fix on WINSOCK.DLL so this also supports "options" and can detect that
     a connection is dead. You are in a better position than me, I filed a report in 1992 about this, and nothing has been
     done. It is a large security exploitation, that allows anyone to take over a connection that has been terminated.

2. Upgrade the Windows phone to whatever you want of idle time.

3. Please understand that a mobile phone is one the net always, it never disconnects.

    You have to let the user decide what is "away", "fallen asleep", "do not call now". 
    The phone is in my pocket, when I am "away" at the toilet and do not want calls, and a yellow instead of "red"
    indicates, try ring for a long time - I am away. Well as soon as I have washed my hands I will respond, otherwise
    I would have set it on red - "do not disturb".

If you want some novelty, then it is "special call for the few" - where you ask for a PIN-code and if this gives the correct the phone can ring, because it matters, is very important.

Very few Americans have used a mobile phone for decades, as many Europeans. Very few Americans know mobile technology, and Microsoft is at the moment spending extensive effort and large resources in wrecking an excellent piece of software. Please: The rest of the world does not use Windows for reasons - and bring along the old incomplete and bug-ridden software, and be certain of the destiny of Skype. You can also start by improving and thus impress us.

Casual Adventurer

Well, how disappointing @Claudius. So disappointing, in fact, that I couldn't bring myself to comment here again until now. I upgraded from version (Skype for Windows) to version and guess what.... the "switch my status from Invisible to Online" bug still rears its ugly head.


Having done some professional programming I'm struggling to understand how it can be so difficult to get this right. From previous comments it seems we are all agreed that there are no circumstances where a User's status should be changed from Invisible to anything else, unless the User instigates the change directly.


Core pseudo code:-
* Did the user set their status manually?
* Yes - leave their status alone!


I know, perhaps an over simplification, but it needs to be somewhere in the loop.


Ok, so the user might be connected on more than one device. Additional core pseudo code:-
* Event: User changed status on connected device.
* Is user connected on other devices?
* Yes - warn user that her status will change on all her connected devices. Give her these options...

-- Go ahead - change status on all connected devices
-- Change status on this device, and disconnect all other devices
-- Cancel the change

* Return to Event Loop.

Sorry to say that my knowledge of OS X is pretty slim. Hopefully a Skype person with suitable knowledge will get involved and get it sorted.

Novel Tourist
Am I not understanding correctly or did they post an update saying that they have fixed the problem of appearing online all the time.. I can say with complete certainty that this is really not the case. I only use Skype for iOS so I have no problems with my own account, but my boyfriend who uses both Skype for iOS on his iPod and Skype for Android on his Galaxy s4 is always either set to online (when he's really not online) or its showing him as online/away every few minutes without him even being signed on. Is this reason because he occasionally signs in on different devices? I can't fathom how Skype can't just show someone ask online when they're offline, away when they're still signed in and inactive, and offline when they sign out/close the app on the device they're using. It doesn't seem like rocket science to me. Skype is used by millions of people daily, you'd think they would have the resources and the funds to hire someone that can actually fix this problem like... Now, and not 5 years from now. It's disappointing. I'd be even more choked if I was a paying Skype customer too. Smh. What a mess.
Novel Tourist
Meant to say oneline when they're online, rather. On another note, they really need to fix call quality too.
Experienced Adventurer

The status flag (green, yellow, red, invisible, offline status) can be set by the client or in the case of yellow - "away" based on the setting in the network server - not local client. In the old Skype network servers, they just caught a signal when a device disconnected, and closed the port.  No more ports open, and you are off the net.

They now have to send a message to the device "Are you alive?" every now and then and if you have more than one device, things gets messy. They probably get the device to return the running status, and when you update on one - all the others get the same status. 

Your iPad may say "alive but have not been touched", your laptop says "I am sleeping on the desk" - but the iPhone, Android phone, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows phones,  have motion sensors and proximity sensors that says that the phone is moved around, you are awake, online and status "green".


If the laptop has hibernated, it will not respond and if set to "WAKE_ON_LAN" - Skype will wake up the iPad, MacBook enough for this to say "away". If "WAKE_ON_LAN" is not set, the laptop status will be "OFFLINE" because it does not repond.


Since you have only one status, it is the last one online that reports that determine the flag. I suggest that automatic setting of "AWAY" to be restricted to the devices with proximity sensors only, so that when you close the lid, place a cover over, flips the phone upside down - it goes to immediate "away" and that this is given priority. Otherwise the reporting of being "available" - green should remain green also after 10 minutes untouched on the table, and "away" be "away" even if the phone moves in the pocket.


Motion may indicate that you are not away and available, no motion for 5 minutes is just the the phone has not been moved on the table in front of me. I will respond should you call. But the motion in the pocket may not make me any more available, hence cannot be trusted.


If the computer is set to wake on messages, then allow others to try to place a call. If the device wakes up in time - go ahead. Offline is when none of the devices respond. MS has to code this now all over. This bug hits your wallet, in that Skype will use the mobile network to poll your device, and most of us is charged for this use.  


Esteemed Adventurer

this article doesn't solve the problem because after 5 mins the status will change to be away instead of available .. but think of this scenario .. I downloaded skype on my smart phone and then I didn't use skype for 5 mins and my status changed to be away instead of available but after 10 mins I didn't have network coverage for any reason or my battery is dead so I am not connected to the internet but my status is still away and it is very confusing as my friend s will have the intuition that I am reachable while I am not and there are lots of scenarios like this for example I installed skype on my smart phone and signed in with my account and or any reason I uninstalled the app without signing out so I will remain away forever and my proposed solution to this problem is
1-available : means that I am actually using skype app on in the last 5 mins
2- away : means that I am having a device or more actually connected to the internet but I haven't opened it in the last 5 mins
3-offline: means that I have no device connected to the internet at this time ( or just I am invisible )
and as I saw that you have said before that checking my account whether it is connected to internet or not will drain the battery so I have started to test it by installing both skype and another voip app on the same smart phone and charge that phone to be 100 % and left both apps working on the background while the other app show if the other person is actually online ( connected to the internet ) or last online xx mins ago ( which means that he hasn't been connected to the internet sice xx am ) and waited till the battery became 15 % only then checked if that app consumed more battery than skype or not but the result is that app didn't consume more battery at all it almost drained the same amount of skype and you can make this exiperement by yourself you will get the same results !!! so please make the status meaningful instead being always away ... 

Experienced Adventurer

I wish people bother to read before thye respond, and do not post here just to express anger or concern.


1. The 5 minute "not active" can only apply to devices that does not have motions sensors.

2. The motion sensor will wake up an Android or iOS device, and a timeout of no activity for 5 minutes should be

    replaced with using the PROXIMITY sensor: Place the device upside down and you are "Away", turn it up so the

    iPad face you, you can be present and active forever working on your laptop that does not have Skype installed.

    This is how they implemented Skype on Nokia N900 running Maemo, used by famous dignataries such as Dr, Sheldon Cooper.

4. On the MacOS, Windows and Linux desktop version do not change.


Ths status is all of the above, since you may have Skype installed on more than one device. If your battery on the phone goes dead and this goes offline - your tablet at home will still be logged on, and respond "Away" if this is turned upside down or covered front.

The problem is that on the Linux servers that was used as network servers would trap the "Disconnect" signal when a device went offline for any reason - such as the battery going flat. Windows has to poll, send a tiny message and check the response.

If the response is the same as it would be if you changed the status manually, MS has a problem because your status is the sum of the status on all devices. If your iPad respond "Oh heck, I slept, but I am available" and this comes in last, just risk that the flat battery status result in not being "offline", but one of the other devices is somewhere else and ready to receive calls. My proposal is that you can turn the tablet upside down, or close the cover before you leave, saying that you do not use that device now. Just as you can close the lid on the laptop. What you cannot have is that the phone in the pocket keeps the status "avaialble" if you are in the toilet, and set status to "Do not disturb". 

Think at least the coexistence of three devices!




I am using Skype a lot in work and its really stupid that it keeps taking me from busy mode that I set on my MAC, to green mode when checking messages on iPad or my Android (that I did not ask it to do!). So as result I have removed Skype from Android and iPad where I only use it on my MAC for the 5th time smth, as I need it there also some times, WE LIVE IN A MOBILE WORLD!

I always have busy mode ON as I get tons of messages every day and when doing presentations etc I don't want them to come up as this BS change the status also on my MAC also.. Is there a way of turning this OFF???

Please help, thanks!

Casual Tourist

 All I ask is for me to decide on my online status - across all devices. If Skype wants to make any change, I should be prompted and have the option whether to accept it or not, if there is no response from me within a (say) 5 minutes, it should mean I'm "away", the status existing could prevail. Why not give users the option to manage their accounts on how any in status should be reflected in their devices. Skype should not be attempting to control user status, 

Experienced Adventurer

Rudicarl: I place my Skype status to "invisible", which is the same as "offline". Then those that want to call me, knows this, and write on the chat "Can you talk" - and that initiate the call. During presentations you have to place yourself as red: "Do not disturbe"- that stops all calls effectively.
Skype is good here, and the green / yellow status does not affect this. If you are on red, you stay red. If you are invisible, you should stay invisible, but launch Skype on a phone, may set the status to green - available.

Novel Adventurer

I really hate Skype at the moment. My calls are dropping.. a lot . I use Skype to call my partner who is currently away working and in another time zone, so I relay pretty heavily on Skype to be able to connect us. Sometimes, my partner will put the phone down for a few mins to attend to other calls on his work phone and so I am just left waiting until he gets back, which is fine. But during this time, on ocassion, the call will drop.. and after 5 mins of him not actively talking to me or using Skype, Skype will sign him out, or "set him to away" and I can't get through to call back. That is SO annoying! Calls drop sometimes.. I want to be able to call him back and not wait for him to notice that it has dropped while he is busy doing other things! 5 minutes is RIDICULOUS! It is way too short of a time to count someone as being "innactive" ! I think perhaps 60 minutes is too much, but, 5 is too short. You guys also need to get your butts in gear and change the online-away status... our statuses are constantly going from green to yellow online to away even when we aren't available.. so I try to call him thinking because its green that he's online.. and it won't work to get through because he actually is in fact not online. FIX THIS. I don't have this issue on my phone. I can be inactively using Skype for hours on my iphone 6, and he can call me back and it will go through and ring no problem. He uses an older iphone/android combination (work phone and personal phone) and I can never get through to him after 5 mins. Why is this! I would think all mobile clients should be the same! Just because he has a multi combo of devices used should not change the way that his Skype opperates compared to mine! Skype should have the resources to be able to fix this with all the money they make. I'm going to have to consider another program otherwise, because I am NOT HAPPY. 

Novel Tourist

Hopefully someone can help me with this question please. Sorry if it is a bit lenghty!


When I open Skype on my Windows laptop, my friend's status shows as 'Away (on a mobile device)'. She has a Mac.

When I open Skype on my Iphone (4s), my friend's status has the green dot and shows as 'Online'. I believe she has an Iphone 6. Maybe 5s.

I messaged her on Whatsapp earlier when the stat on mobile showed green/online AND on the desktop it showed 'Online (on a mobile device), and she said she was getting off of Wifi. That's when the status started showing what is described above.


The question is: What does 'Away (on a mobile device) really mean?? 

1) They were using the app but are now away on BOTH the desktop and app?

2) They are away on desktop, but are using the app on the mobile OR at least have wifi connection to use it?


Problem is, over the last several days, I have seen this 'Away (on a mobile device)' status form my desktop and have seen ALL THREE of the below on different occassions:

- No status/no circle/no away/no nothing - which I assume means offline or no wifi.

- Away sign (once, and very briefly)

- Green/online status for hours on end.

- Green status for 3-4 seconds and then no status, off and on like that ALL day for one day.


So yes, what is really the meaning of 'Away (on a mobile device)' and also what is the difference between this and simply 'Away'? As far as I can see on my Iphone 4s, my contacts all have the green dot/online or nothing at all, and I find the Away stats on the destop confusing now.


Thanks for any assistance you can offer!! (Obviously I don't want to ask my friend what the deal is, because I don't want her to think I don't trust her when she says she has no wifi!)

Casual Adventurer

As many others have said, this is a very annoying design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Showing away when not directly using the app on the phone is BS.


At least have it as an option on mobile devices, to either show as away or as offline if I am not actually in the Skype app PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how it was in the good old days and I (and many others) would really like this functionality back.

As I said, if you really want to keep it have it as an option and not force it on people.



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Now when I am connected to skype from my Sony Xperia Z3 and appear "Away" after 5 minutes of background activity if I receive a call, the status automatically changes to "Online", if you receive a message the state does not change but if you get a call status changes to "Online" automatically. Are your crazy?


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!, stop playing games with the status system, it generates to the users a lot for headaches.


Let users decide our status on all devices... 

Casual Voyager

What is the matter with you people at skype???  LET US MANAGE OUR OWN DEVICES - it's NOT up to YOU to decide whether to show us (erroneously) online, offline, online, offline...!  And in addition, my device has an ap which monitors how many times you people do this, how it heats up the phone and makes it run more slowly etc. etc. and when I look at the activity report from this ap, it is ALWAYS SKYPE!  Are you trying to use up our data or something? Are you trying to irritate and infuriate us to such a degree that we uninstall skype?? Wjy on EARTH can you NOT GET IT RIGHT?????????

Casual Adventurer




First of all, it drains the battery constantly, but most importantly it is annoying, stupid and no one likes it.

I don't know why you force these stupid changes on people, but stop it!!

(or if you really want to keep it, make it OPTIONAL!)


When we are in the skype app, we are online because the app is on. When we are not in the app it should STOP and show as OFFLINE. This is how it used to work in the good old days and this is how it make sense for it to work so MAKE IT WORK LIKE THIS AND DON'T TRY TO BE SMART BECAUSE APPARENTLY YOU'RE NOT!!!


Let the USERS control the app, since the USER is the most important!!!!!

I think I can honestly say this coming from all of us: WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS GETTING FIXED!!



Experienced Adventurer

 Dear Microsoft,


When the answer to most of the posts here is "revert to an old version", understand that something you have done lately has an adverse affect or is not liked.

The status was right until you mucked around with it.

This also has to do with work ethics: you are getting paid to contribute and not destroy values. It has to do with product management and values that the company you work in has paid for. Consider the million shareowners and what they would tell you if users reverted to old versions? What if instead of upgrading to Windows 10, the advice is to start using Windows XP again  - because this works? What doe this say about version 8 and 10?

Yes - you are making it into a monster!

Novel Adventurer

For me, the status changes when I use either of my iOS devices.


If µ$ does not change the idea that the status of an account should always change when mobile devices are used, µ$ shuold incorporate a feature to desktop client, that whenever desktop client becomes "active" it would change status to

1) same as before

2) what user has chosen


I haven't spent time here, so should I make somekind of suggestion of this to somewhere here in discussions, blogs or feedback?


I almost cried the day Microsoft got their hands on Skype. You guys STILL have not learned to stop ramming your products and services down peoples' throats? I remember when I couldn't set any other web browser but the old IE as default. Then IE popularity went from most popular to most hated and abandoned. Or how MSN search or Live search (previous name not even relevant) was such a pain to replace the default search. Same result! forced your customers away. Lastly, after not owning anything windows based for almost a decade I tried Windows 8 laptop and found out I could not "login" to begin first use without signing up for a Microsoft account. Makes me wonder who owns Xbox? Oh yea, Microsoft and what's happening there to same forceful tactics.


As per the problem in question Skype... You have ruined it on Android! I use Arch Linux on PC and it seems fine there, but I'm sure only because you maybe ignore that small group. You don't seem to realize that people use Skype because they fell in LOVE the service over the years. You are literally doing everything on Android to foil this. I hate Skype on mobile, I have no idea when I'm logged in, I can only select online or invisible and this makes me get messaged 10x more than before with the first message from everyone being... "Are you online?" "R u on?" "Online" "On? You've managed to turn Skype into a neusance.


Just know I no longer use Skype because I love the service, but due to work. Like everything else microsoft touches, the first opportunity I get to support an alternative I will. As a company you just have not changed. Stop irritating your customers. Let them enjoy services and don't force them to sign up, login, play, browse, etc how or when you dictate or force it.

Casual Voyager

Microsoft should be paying attention...they're quite obviously NOT - consumers in today's techno-savy world, are MUCH more inclined to opt out of self-serving products and select competitive options that better serve and support THEIR needs, rather than, in this case, MICROSOFT's needs.....we are all sick and tired of having our status unilaterally changed on an ad hoc basis, whenever MICROSOFT decides to change it, on MICROSFT'S is not only infuriating, invasive and frustrating but also indicates a complete and utter disregard of the consumers' needs. I was on a skype call with someone in another country (12 hours ahead of my time-zone) last night and when I went online this morning, my status STILL showed online, which illicited numerous voice messages and texts from people trying to get hold of me IN THE EARLY HOURS OF THE MORNING WHEN I WAS ASLEEP! Beware skype - you are becoming redundant! And I don't imagine your shareholders will appreciate that....

Casual Adventurer

Oh whoop-de-doo. I'm now a "Reliable Tourist" apparently. I wonder if anyone can show me where the Tourist Information Office is? The staff appear to have abandoned this thread. It's now a whole month since anyone from Skype commented here...





Not even a mention of the update to Skype for Android - which didn't fix the changing of status from Invisible to Online anyway. I don't know about the others who have been commenting here, but after a month (yes, a MONTH!) of no official engagement in this thread I've come to the conclusion we are simply being ignored. I feel much more like an "Irrelevant Tourist" than any other 'rank' which Skype likes to attribute to me.


I don't know if it's Rule Number One for customer service, but "Listen to your customers, and let them know you are listening" is definitely way up there.

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AFTER ALL THOSE MONTHS, MY STATUS STILL CHANGES AUTOMATICALLY FROM invisible TO visible!!!! (android 4.4.4 and MS Office 8.1 all updates)

Routine Adventurer

NO response or update from the Skype team speaks louder than words.


Skype is dead in the water!!


There will be no fixes ladies and gentlemen......

Nothing is going to change beyond minimal tinkering of the system necessary to keep the service running.  There is no concern for MS to do anything with Skype as it will very shortly be closed down and all user accounts will be migrated into Lync. Expect to see this happening round about the time Win10 is released to public.


The disapointing news is that this whole thread and others of its ilk will then be just as relevant to Lync, as the behaviour of that system automagically changing your status for you is exactly the same.

Spread the word and recommend your friends to switch to another solution that actually provides the service the user wants.







Casual Voyager

Utterly disgraceful behaviour on the part of skype/Microsoft...spread the word and opt out asap...we (the CUSTOMER, hello!) have choices and skype is most certainly NOT one of them any longer!

Experienced Voyager

AND IT HAPPENED AGAIN, MY STATUS STILL CHANGES AUTOMATICALLY FROM invisible TO visible!!!! (android 4.4.4 and MS Office 8.1 all updates)


I will post here now every time this happens. Worst is, I did my MBA in the US...being taught what real customer service is, I can only wonder how an iconic US company like MS can't do the simplest in customer satisfaction and listen. Just because people might not complain in the millions does NOT mean that the problem is not bothering the majority. Why must "take it or leave it" be the common denominator of tech companies nowadays?


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"The while we keep a man waiting, he reflects on our shortcomings." ~French proverb

Casual Voyager

Imagine if the so-called "skype tech team" had to filter ALL the messages EVERYONE receives erroneously (as a result of the ludicrous on-line off-line glitch) all through the day and night, from across the globe and different time-zones!  My neighbour was sitting beside me while we were on a conference call with another country and the "notifications" (which NO ONE is able to get rid of OR turn off) showed both of us on line, then off-line (away) TWELVE (12), yes TWELVE times in ONE (!) hour!  How absolutely infuriating and confusing does this so-called "skype tech team" imagine THAT to be....???  In addition, once the call was over, we continued to monitor our status , WITHOUT being online AT ALL - it was SO ridiculous that it became unbelievable...! FIX THIS MORONIC PROBLEM - if you CAN'T fix it, then simply revert to the OLDER version of skype that ACTUALLY WORKED...NOBODY WANTS THIS INACCURATE OVERRIDE ON OUR PERSONAL PREFERENCES...GET IT RIGHT!

Community Manager Emeritus

Skype online presence is a complex system spanning Skype applications on multiple platforms and several technical components both on the Skype client application as well as the Skype messaging server infrastructure. We know that the new presence model is unfortunately causing unwanted status changes for some of the combinations above. 


Reverting to older Skype app versions is not a viable solution as these older Skype versions won't work either nowadays. So we are rather working on fixing these instances of broken presence scenarios. Rolling out these fixed versions across all Skype applications is taking some time:

  • The windows desktop client has already been updated (V7.2 released last week).
  • The iPhone and Andriod clients will receive the update very soon (I will post here when they go live).
Experienced Adventurer

That ws the most silly response I have read for ages. Congratualations, **bleep** of the day.


You can search the community pages here for suitable older versions and just use these.


That MS Windows cannot deal with this on the server side can be easily solved by moving back to Linux.


What you are saying is that since Microsoft acquired Skype, Microsoft can only use Windows and since this cannot deliver, we are stucl with a piece of crap. I know that much of Microsoft that I can hear Steve Ballmer approaching my offices like a wounded rhino. He is not around to threat you any more, but never ever admit in public that Windows is a lesser operating system, and Microsoft delivers lesser products.


No, roll all back to version 4.9 - call it an upgrade to 7 - it is just to patch the numbers, and revert all you have done the last 20 months. If it works, don´t change it.

Routine Adventurer



I don't agree with Canut - your latest post is beyond silly! Waay waaaaay beyond silly, in fact it is quite simply just pathetic.


You say that 'the online presence is a complex system'. Well actually it wasnt that complex until you decided to **bleep** around with it and try to be smarter than any of you really are by introducing your fundamentally flawed automated 'presence logic' system. The simple truth of the matter is that you have irretrievably trashed something that used to work perfectly well before you guys decided to try and be smart with it. It's a fact that Yahoo messenger, Viber and other similar PM systems are able to provide 100% accurate status indications accross all platforms, yet even though you admit that your new 'presence model' is causing problems, you still obstinately insist that yours is the rigth way and intend to carry on tinkering around with it to no good effect.

In fact thanks to your latest update to the Windows Desktop client, Skype will now not open at all for me - I just get - not responding with error details :-

A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
Application Name: Skype.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 54c25acc
Hang Signature: 1636
Hang Type: 0
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Hang Signature 1: 16368d04a5b3379ef669fefd3f500481
Additional Hang Signature 2: 1c44
Additional Hang Signature 3: 1c4448b81835ad3b3c77c00937ea20f8
Additional Hang Signature 4: 1636
Additional Hang Signature 5: 16368d04a5b3379ef669fefd3f500481
Additional Hang Signature 6: 1c44
Additional Hang Signature 7: 1c4448b81835ad3b3c77c00937ea20f8


Good work!

After waiting months for you guys to fix the problems of auto changing and inaccurate status's you finally deliver to me a fix that has simply broken the whole program.

What an absolute piece of **bleep**e you have turned Skype into!!

Novel Tourist

Hi, wow, also this login here isn't work correctly....

So the answer of admin here let us get les more than we hoped. if you don't let us set our status by ourself, and I'm sure you know what we talking about, then there are only one reason **bleep** from  Micr osoft, do it?, so it tell us more then you can say.
Micr os oft has similar products, so.... for what two? That's simply buy gives the workers of Skype a good reason.... They honorary that work till right now with that money. Grate work! Mi cro soft get that technology and I tell you all, they wont haven Skype anymore. How is it in English right? WTF?
I'm working at IT and I know what's possible and what not. They could turn this functions on that ley us manage our status by ourself, but they don't want.
Last month's Microsoft make me crazy, really crazy and all new one that you have pulled out. Office 999, Windows 8 (my god!) and more is more than simply spyware! 
Also simple posting in this forum is not easy. This Blog cannot be found. I cannot login and so on.
Mr Gates? The riches person in the world and its not enough to support our life with software and getting money for that, you wants to control our live more then you could control it till right now? lame...
They are kidding us...
Be careful with using Microsoft software more then you were before...
I have see now that they cen sor  also our simple postings here! !!
Best Regards
They censor our postings here!

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It is very simple Just migrate to Linux Mint - use Cinnamon, and KDE for developement.
Bill Gates made Xenix, so he knows Unix and Linux off the top of his head, standing upside down, and only gave us what first IBM asked for, and then, what Wall Street told him we had to get.

Skype works fine on Linux Mint, just use an old version. if you can afford it, Mac and Apple has better support, but not that much "bang for the bucks". You can run all Windows applications in the Wine Windows emulator.
As long a Microsoft cannot get it right, there are alternatives, and go for them. 

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Again, the other thing that is REALLY infurriating everyone is the fact that this ridiculous over-ride and total disregard of our own personal status preferances causes, amongst many other issues (confusion reagrding whether or not we actually ARE on line or off line for instance), DATA USAGE AND DEVICES OVERHEATING...when I run my scans (CM Security, Clean Master etc.) skype CONTANTLY shows up as the major culprit with the number of "starts and stops" (on line, off line) people at "skype tech" are contributing to our DATA USAGE with this inability or unwillingness to correct this frustrating and what should be, a BASIC issue...sort out your moronic excuses of "multiple platforms" - read the options/solutions in this blog that have been offered to you and JUST DO IT! AND, in addition, sort out the glitch with logging on to this blog - we now have to go through the back door to post since clicking on the "let me post a blog comment" OPTION now DOESN'T WORK, so we have to click on "let me post a different question"!!!! Incomprehensible and UNACCEPTABLE!

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In addition to this stupid mandatory status change of my desktop client,

I've been waiting for about 5 years for Skype to bring back nice Archive method for chats. Now my db file got corrupted because of hdd i/o error. Last back up from last summer and nothing official info how to migrate all chats from different devices and from skype's mysterious cloud....


I think I had enough...

Anybody know any that works with osX, win, iOS, android and winPhone to replace skype?

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Once again, having had to go to "let me post a different question" to even get ONTO this site, and to answer tokelahti: if you have a mac (osX), there is "Facetime"....log in with your password - you would have to enter email addresses etc. to start collating your contact lists...but the drawback is you can only call other Macs, for now anyway. Other alternatives to skype are;;;;; vseeoovoo; uberconference; google hangouts' tokbox; jitsi; voxox; tinychat - worth checking them out in view of this seeming inability on the part of "skype tech" to assist their CUSTOMERS...I'm sure their shareholders would be delighted with their apatheic response to our requests/needs!!

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Presumably I'm in an out of the way region which will get this Windows desktop update to 7.2 at some point in the future. 'Check for Updates' informs me that I already have the latest version of Skype installed (


What you didn't say in your post is if the 7.2 version has done anything to fix these issues. Can you point me to a 'Change log' which shows the history of changes/bug fixes? For all platforms preferably.

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As we (all the users) said before many times this skype status is meaningless specially the ridiculous away status .. please do what the users want only 

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HI can you make it simple, when i sign out whatever the device i am using it should show me offilne.. 

Facing a lot of issue due to current behviour of skype.. plzzzz sort it out :sad:

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How much days do you need to get back skype to prior versions that works well, including the skin (the new one is HORRIBLE)?


It's simple. Let users choose the status on each device, not only Available and Invisible in the case of mobiles, in addition each user can choose if he wants to be set Away at XXX minutes or NOT in all devices.


For the moment you have not listened the users NEVER. Sometimes there are things that are JUST PERFECT AND NOT NEED CHANGES and it was the case of Skype.


Right now the skin is ugly and hurt the eyes, and the status system is just a BIG BALL OF CRAP.

Wake up or sooner or later Google or other company will listen us.

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AND IT HAPPENED AGAIN, MY STATUS STILL CHANGES AUTOMATICALLY FROM invisible TO visible!!!! (android 4.4.4 and MS Office 8.1 all updates)


I understand the difficulties operating on various platforms, BUT If other services can do it without problems, why can't you (MS)?


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The one item that Skype/Microsoft Tech/Development cannot agree on is the very definition of the status called "invisible".   To me invisible means, I am online and but cannot respond right away or just busy working on another task.   It also affords me to "ignore" you if needed since I don't see your request to communicate as urgent or respond to your messages because I agree that is really urgent.  People tend to abuse the qualifier called "urgent".    Regardless, I keep my skype software logged on to get any messages that I qualify as needed to be responded to.


Whatever reason I may have, status = "invisible" should stay invisible regardless whether I am logged on my personal PC, work PC, other PC, mobile, etc.


Please address this.

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Two weeks since I asked if you could point me to where I can see the change logs and still no answer. Where I come from, ignoring people is considered rude, but perhaps I'm just an old fuddy-duddy?


Well, I eventually got the new 7.2 "upgrade". I had to use "scare quotes" around upgrade because the unwanted changing off my status from 'Invisible' to 'Online' still occurs. Pitiful.

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We are all SO sick and tired of this ridiculous and infuriating issue with our status....why can you people at skype not pay attention and SORT THIS OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL????? Again, whenever I am on skype (choosing to stay on INVISIBLE - MY choice), my phone and computer then show me on line/off line incessantly - EVEN HOURS AFTER I'VE ENDED THE CALL...even HOURS AFTER i've  corrected my status YET AGAIN to INVISIBLE and shut down! But lo and behold - this morning my status showed ON LINE AGAIN, SIX (6) HOURS LATER....this not only uses up my data but, in CASE you STILL don't understand, CONFUSES MY CONTACTS BOTH IN THE US AND IN OTHER COUNTRIES...In addition, I am, in turn, ALSO confused by MY contacts' status - as the stupid, redundant "notifications banner" keeps flashing across my screen, showing contacts as being on line (when they aren't) and off line (when they ended the call HOURS previously) I sit here, a friend of mine who is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME has a status that keeps showing on line off line when she isn't even ON her computer!!! And AGAIN - WE choose our status for whatever reason WE want - not YOU! And I see that you don't even BOTHER to reply to these perfectly justified remarks in this blog, much less SORT THEM OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL - to me, this indicates that you are not even reading them....I'm so thankful I'm not one of your shareholders - I am going to forward this in every way possible (including Facebook) to every ensure that your shareholders AND the public get to see what is this space...!

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And your access to this blog STILL doesn't work - MONTHS has to "post a different questions" in order to even access THIS page! Duh!

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I just now stubled to this incorrect status behavior. My wife tried to "upgrade" from old Nokia N9 to iPhone and I was puzzled why the Skype presense is not working right. When I googled it I just found the reason...


Because of that she did go back to using Nokia N9 and its built in Skype client. Everything works at it should: When you are online you are shown online and when offline you are offline. All the changes happens automatically.


Some say the "correct behavior" causes huge battery drain: I disagree. On the N9 it barely makes a difference if Skype is on or off.


Also on my personal even older (5+ yaers) Nokia N900 the Skype presense works correctly.

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Skype has topped itself with the new 5.3 for Android:


"After signing out, you will now need to re-enter user name and password to sign in again. This will make it easier on those of you who use multiple accounts."


And harder for those of us working around your idiotic presence issues.


So, in order for your status not to be misrepresented, you need to sign out of Skype. It's something I do as a rule. Now, with 5.3 you'll need to manually log in the next time you want to use Skype. Hope you don't use a good password.

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The sign out behaviour in Skype 5.3 for Android has been aligned to how clients behave on other platforms in that it requires you to re-enter your password.

I don't quite understand why you need to sign out of Skype to work around presence. It should be enough if you change your status to "offline" and just background the app.

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If offline is sticky and consistent, which I seem to recall from a lot of other commentary that it might not be, then sure, that would work.


Anyway, you're saying the reason for the change is because other clients do it (and not, like the blog post said, to make it "easier on those of you who use multiple accounts")?  When signing out of Skype on Windows, I never have to enter my password again. This is because I checked the box (I'm pretty sure there is one--I don't have it in front of me at the moment) to remember the password. Such things should always be a choice. I would argue that such a choice is more common by far on clients than not.


But Skype has removed the choice in 5.3 for Android?

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