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UPDATED: Changes to your Skype online status

Former Staff

Update 07/01/2015: We have lowered the inactivity timer from 60 minutes to five minutes.


If you use Skype on a mobile client, we’re making changes to the way your Skype status is shown to your contacts. This change is happening so that it’s clearer to your friends when you are actively using Skype and when you’re away. These changes will be introduced gradually and have already been activated for the first group of users.


Previously, if you had signed in to a mobile client, Skype would always show you as online to your contacts.


Now, when you are offline on your desktop client and not active on your mobile client for 60 minutes five minutes, your status will be changed from Online to Away.


If you sign out of Skype before closing it your contacts will see you go offline immediately, just as they did before. You can also continue to use the /remotelogout chat command to sign out of Skype on all your devices other than the one you’re currently using.


This change to your online status will be applied across all versions of Skype, but there are slight differences depending on the device you use, and this is described below.


Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Mac


If you use the Show me as Away when I’ve been inactive for X minutes setting in Skype for Windows desktop or Skype for Mac, or if you have disabled it through Tools > Options nothing will change for you as a result of this update. There also won’t be any changes to how you manually set your status to Do not Disturb, Invisible or Away.


Skype for Android


Skype for Android syncs with our servers once every 8 hours when left running in the background. This activity will bring you out of your Away state temporarily. You can prevent this by stopping the Skype for Android process.


The steps for stopping a process differ from one version of Android to another, so be sure to check with your handset manufacturer for instructions for your device.


Additionally, if you have enabled the feature sync group messages in the background, this will register as Skype activity on your Android device and will stop your status being set to Away.

To configure this feature go into Settings > Notifications.



Skype for iPad (iOS)


The Skype for iPad application also has a feature to periodically check in with the Skype servers. As with Android, this has the effect of bringing you out of Away status and back Online. Hence, if you are running Skype for iPad, your status will always show Green (Online) until such time as you stop or sign out of the application.


Skype for iPhone, iPod and Windows Mobile


If you have Skype for iPhone, iPod or Windows Phone, your status behaviour will changed as described, showing you as Away to your contacts after 60 minutes five minutes of inactivity.

Community Manager Emeritus

 Actually on all other Skype clients - including Skype for Windows - if you use the "Sign out" feature you have to enter your password again. That's regardless of whether you checked the "Sign me in automatically" box or not. If you "Quit Skype" on Skype for Windows indeed you will be signed in automatically the next time you start the app.


The same is the case on Skype for Android. If you quit the app via the Android task manager the next time you start the app again you will be automatically signed in again.

Novel Adventurer

Hi Claudius.


Why you don't add the "Away" and  "Do not Disturb" status on Android?


Thank you.

Experienced Adventurer



Is it possible that you keep Skype code and all as it was before it was acquired by MS - roll it all back a year. That was when a notification arrived, status were updated, and connection terminated when you hang up.


Then you can make your own MS Skype, and see who moves along to the new and "MS Battered" platform. Just let the old things work, and stop pestering me by "upgrading" to more bugs.


When will Microsoft understand that they exhibit nothing but gross incompetence. I can answer most of the posts above with "oh - that used to work", and when you call it  "The Skype for iPad application also has a feature to periodically check in with the Skype servers. As with Android, this has the effect of bringing you out of Away status and back Online. Hence, if you are running Skype for iPad, your status will always show Green (Online) until such time as you stop or sign out of the application." I call that "because of MS not being able to implement the tcp/ip in full, the iPad, iPhone, iOS and Android all clients now have to active poll the server to get the flags updated, causing a network overhead of 5 to 15 percent, and flags, notifications and status will fall out between the notification period - including that you want to hang up the call to a mobile phone somewhere where you pay for the call".

Esteemed Adventurer

there is no useful reply yet please claudius let us know if skype is working on a fix for this issue of meaningless statuses or it will remain meaningless forever specially the away status ?


It seem to me , that  skype would be best to show status   as 


offline if your offline everywhere ,


online "Internet"   if net based online 


updated to online "Mobile" if mobile  alone or home pc etc


just 3 status  needed ...  


who cares if im "away"  if i am away i might just as well be shown as off line .. as no reply will be given .


it would give a much clearer status  than what we have now ... 


anyone else agree ?

Casual Adventurer

Hello @Claudius,


Good to see you are still around. However, although you have been active a few times on this thread since I posted my question, as yet I have received no answer. To update you further, I am now running Windows desktop version and also Android version on my Note 3, and *still* my status is changed, apparently at random, from 'invisible' to 'online'.


This has been going on for several months, during which time there have been several skype updates to both platforms, but none of them have fixed it. If I didn't have money in Skype Credit (which it seems skype will not give back to me?) then I'd dump skype for something which doesn't cause me aggravation. Please fix this.

Casual Tourist

>The Skype for iPad application also has a feature to periodically check in with the Skype servers. As with >Android, this has the effect of bringing you out of Away status and back Online. Hence, if you are running >Skype for iPad, your status will always show Green (Online) until such time as you stop or sign out of the >application.


Do you guys realize how stupid this behavior is?


Especially when you MANUALLY set you status as AWAY to keep your online privacy for example. No, I don't want to set DND. I want to keep it just AWAY, and your iOS agent don't give me to do it.

Experienced Voyager

AND IT HAPPENED AGAIN, MY STATUS STILL CHANGES AUTOMATICALLY FROM  invisible  TO  visible!!!! (android 4.4.4 and MS Office 8.1, all updates)


Yes it is tricky across multiple platforms, but certainly you must have developers that can see through all this. 



Casual Adventurer

Upgraded to Version (Windows desktop). Does it fix the unwanted changing of status from Invisible to Online which has been going on over at least three "upgrades"? Nope. If anything it's worse. And the silence from @Claudius (or any other Skype person) regarding this issue does not fill me with any confidence that it is being taken seriously.

Community Manager Emeritus

This is really bad news, @another_jess  - You are only signed in from two instances (Android and Windows) and you've confirmed that via the output of the /showplaces chat command? When testing this setup on our end we cannot reproduce the problem with latest Skype clients on all involved platforms.

At which point/action exactly does your status get changed from invisible to online again?

Casual Adventurer



/showplaces gives this output (partially obfuscated):
You have 2 online endpoints:
  {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} 'PC-NAME' (Windows Skype)
  {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} 'localhost' (Android Skype)
These are the versions I'm using -- Windows: | Android:
To all intents and purposes the change in status appears to be random. The most recent occasion was during a chat session with one other Skype user (using the Windows client) about 22 hours ago. The session was started by the other user, but I can't be sure if the status change occurred at that point because my attention was taken up with responding to their message. It was only later, several minutes at least, that I noticed the system tray icon had changed to online (solid green). I manually changed it back to invisible, which it has remained ever since.
I rarely actively use Skype on my phone, although I sometimes get notifications of incoming messages. However, I noticed the status was changed on a recent occasion after opening Skype on my phone, although once again it was probably not until some time after the change that I noticed it. Consequently I thought the status change might be triggered by opening Skype or sending a message on my phone, but I have just done both those things and my status has remained unaltered.
I have been unable to pin down exactly when the status change occurs, mainly because my focus is on carrying out my normal activities rather than watching the system tray icons, but I can say for sure that it doesn't seem to be triggered by a particular action or set of actions, hence the feeling that it is random.
Although I am not happy about it, I'm uninstalling Skype on my phone in the hope it solves the problem. Not a satisfactory solution, by any account, but it appears the only route to peace of mind (assuming the problem goes away as a result!)
Casual Voyager

I am also still having the same problem (as another_jess), with my Macbook Pro and my LG G3...after reading the latest on this blog, I thought I'd check my phone - my computer showed "invisible" (which I'd set it to several days ago, before travelling for 2 days) - when I looked at skype on my mobile (which I hadn't used for skype for several days), lo and behold, it showed online!  Computer invisible and mobile, which I wasn't even using for calls, online!  This is EXACTLY the same issue from MONTHS ago..I don't understand WHY this cannot be sorted out once and for's very distressing and it uses up both battery time (indicated when I sweep my phone to trouble shoot and scan) and data, which is VERY expensive here in South Africa, where I'm visiting. PLEASE sort this out - I have been posting here for several months now, to no avail!

Casual Adventurer

Update: Since uninstalling the Skype app from my Galaxy Note 3, I have not experienced any unwanted status changes from Invisible to Online in the Windows desktop app running in Windows 7.


As an experiment, I thought I'd see if installing Skype in Windows 10 preview (I've got it running in a Virtual Box window) had any affect on the status changing issue. As a side note, I'll mention that the default Skype app which comes as part of Win 10 (the 'Metro'/modern app) will not run unless I agree to merge my Skype account with my Microsoft account - well no, thank you very much. Consequently I downloaded and installed the regular desktop Skype app. It works as expected (I can sign in with my Skype user name) and so far I haven't experienced any issues with my status being changed. Not conclusive proof by any means, but it does suggest that the problem with unwanted status changes lies with the Android app?

Novel Tourist

Hi Skype,


Is there a way to keep this configurable? For me i don't want that skype handle my status and using the sync messages option affect too much the battery life.


Please Skype, just let us choose our own status!!!

Thank you

Esteemed Adventurer

I have had enough of skype finally facebook messenger added the video calling option I don't think yhat they would have thought to add video calling unless they saw that skype is a piece of unusable software

Novel Adventurer

I am running a web site and I check the status of all the users and display accordingly using  However, now the status checking site seems no longer working.  How am I going to check the status of users now?  Please help.

Experienced Adventurer

Tapioca, - I doubt you can do that anymore, simply because they may not know the status, if they have moved the Skyoe network servers to Windows. They then have to poll every terminal logged in, they do not catch notifications of people going offline. Its the way of .Net, a curse they have put on themselves, since they wanted everyone to move to their variant of Internet protocols. Look up the manual pages for e.g. "gethostbyname" and see.

Novel Adventurer

I can't believe MS is doing this to millions of sites that uses the status.  This is a big step backward.  What are they thinking?  Somebody call Bill...

Reliable Adventurer

I have just encountered this problem in the last day or so.


I do not own a mobile device; I only use the desktop client. For years,  have been using an older version of skype on Windows 7 32-bit. I am now temporarily using a laptop that is running Windows 7 64-bit and a newer version of skype (, because my previous computer died, and I'm waiting to get my new one.


When I was on Windows 7 32-bit running the older version of skype, I never had any problems knowing if my contacts, even those who had skype on mobile, were actually online or not. However, now that I am on Windows 7 64-bit running a newer version skype, I always see the same people online, and my friend who also uses skype on mobile, is always showing online (or away) even though he assures me he has physically logged out of skype on mobile and his desktop client.


So tell me, how is it that a different version of Windows and Skype would completely change the behavior of the status? This is so utterly ridiculous, I can't even find the words. 


Can someone please tell me how to fix this? This is annoying to no end, and Skype's "solution", is the most ludacris thing I've ever heard of. I'm sorry, that is NOT an improvement. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. Stop changing things and calling it an improvement. Your customers are telling you what they like and don't like...LISTEN to them. THEY are the ones using your product.



Casual Tourist
The question of battery life is simply "how often do you ping?". This should be user-controllable, as an account setting. I should be able to set a slider for "better battery life" (pings every 60 minutes) or "better accuracy" (pings every 5 minutes), or any value in between.
Casual Voyager

@ Honeychyld - you are spot on - this "debate" has been going on for MONTHS now, and absolutely NOTHING has been done about is extremely frustrating, to put it mildly - all my contacts make remarks about me being online when I'm not even NEAR my phone OR computer!  In fact, I was traveling in a very remote area in Africa recently (no internet or phone signal) and when I got back, I had numerous comments about how much I'd been online and not answering anyone!! I have now resorted to cutting and pasting all these comments to my contacts, to prove that this ludicrous issue actually does exist! It's incomprehensible that microsoft does Sweet Fanny Adams about the problem, doesn't listen to its customers and could quite obviously care less! So much for microsoft's pathetic products! Very soon now, they will be overtaken by events and no one will even consider using skype - wonder what microsoft's shareholders will think of that, if they ever bother to get to the source of the issues!

Casual Tourist
Sir I just have one question you say that if you are using skype for ipad it will always show online(green) unless you stop or sign out. What do you mean by "stop"? Does stop mean stop using the iPad? And if so ecen if you are not talking to someone on skype, the app is not running in the background but you are just casually surfing the web. Will it still show online, unless you just lock the iPad and put it away? It has just got me confused. And lastly, lets suppose if a contact is being shown online the whole time (and I know they're only signed in on an iPad). So when they are shown "away" all of a sudden, does it mean that they stopped talking on skype and have closed the app or does it mean that they were'nt talking to anybody, the skype app was'nt launched but it was just showing them online and since they stopped using the iPad ( and by usage I mean like anything except skype). And that is the reason they are being shown "away"?

I have a mobile which is always on, and a PC which is on more often than not, and my friends and work colleagues in multiple time zones around the world simply have no idea whether I'm actually available or not, nor do I know whether they are available!  It's crazy.


How about implementing the following:


1. If you MANUALLY change your status, on any device, reflect that status change on ALL devices and don't override this unless asked

2. On mobile devices at least, allow setting a schedule which AUTOMATICALLY signs you out at a particular time of day

3. By default, change to Online if you actually send a message or make a call, and provide a setting to turn this behaviour on or off


Routine Adventurer

I don't want this update to happen to my account.  I use mobile skype and skype on my laptop.  I don't want to be marked as away even when I'm typing on my laptop even if my phone has been inactive for 5 minutes or I turn the screen off to save power.  That's just stupid.  Mobile skype should not be affecting my status on my laptop.  Both devices should count whichever location I'm active at as activity and keep me marked as online.  Recently you screwed up my friend's account by marking him away after 5 minutes even while he's typing to me and there's nothing he can do to stop it because you're forcing these crappy updates on users for no reason.


If I am using skype on my laptop, my phone should not be allowed to set me away.

If I am using skype on my phone, my laptop should not be allowed to set me away.


Alternatively you can use a "Mobile" and "Desktop" status, showing two statuses, one in the shape of a phone, green for online yellow for away, and mobile can only change that one, while the desktop one is the normal current one.  But I doubt you'll do that, too much work adding in a new icon and 10 lines of code to make it stop affecting the old status!


Skype devs are making very bad decisions lately.  :/  I'm still on version 6.21 because they refuse to fix skype 7 and never will.  You'll probably inform Microsoft that we refuse to upgrade and then suddenly come up with a fake reason why Skype 6.# has to be canceled and we all need to use METRO SKYPE MINIMAL EDITION!  ....

Casual Tourist

Thanks for the update but no thanks.


I can understand why it looks like a good feature for many, however it raises more problems than it solves.

The main issue is privacy. Since this random (as is it may or may not work who knows why) and automatic presence change cannot be turned off. I personally do not want to share my presence state with others. Before, I always showed up as Online. People could write to me and I would answer when I could. Now the confusion has started already.


When I login on a desktop computer it doesn't switch to Online either so I'm actually stuck with the away, but that turns people away from writing to me. This is an unacceptable behaviour.


You guys should really stop trying to figure my desired presence state automatically.


So can we have a switch that turns off this automatic presence switch or do we have to switch to another IM provider for such a simple feature?


With a bit of research I found that this was supposed to mitigate the "Always online issue" that many experienced. However in that case people want to go offline not away.


One last thing. The article did not describe what happens when I'm signed it from multiple devices.

Casual Tourist

I have different problem than most people who have commented so far (I read only the 1-st page of comments): I see some of my contacts "Away" 24/7 and I have no idea when can I talk to them...

I think that showing them away for 30-60 min after their last skype activity will be enough and after that - show them as offline (unless they check their skype).

I remember how 2 years ago, when I was using skype on my phone - every time I was locking the screen or going to another app, and then unlocking the screen or going back to skype - I had to wait for it to log me back on. I hope that doesn't come back if you make people seem offline xP

Novel Tourist

 I'm having the same issue as WereElf. This person has stated they are not on skype on their phone or their desktop. I haven't asked about if they are online on a tablet or something else as well. Here is my reasoning:


1) When I usually send a message to an offline client, they automatically log off because they were not actually away.

2) The fact it shows someone away after 5 minutes when they are actually offline, has the be the most mentally uncomprehensible fix I have ever heard. There is no logical reasoning behind this what-so-ever. The only thing I can think of is you are intentionally trying to piss off the skype user base while denying it. This would be considered 'trolling'.

3) I manually away myself on skype. What is the point of this idle away? Can it be turned off on the phone? If not, what is the point of auto away? What if I am playing a video game and it puts me on away on my phone while I have clear easy access to it on my laptop?

4)  What about people who are taking 5 minutes and 1 second to do something? Yes, I have actually had this issue multiple times. That is why I have turned off auto away on my laptop. 



If you use Skype on a mobile client, we’re making changes to the way your Skype status is shown to your contacts. This change is happening so that it’s clearer to your friends when you are actively using Skype and when you’re away. These changes will be introduced gradually and have already been activated for the first group of users.



When i read that announcement and the comment on it i get a strange feeling. Skype has been running for years, now on different platforms, with options that left freedom for users to make their own choices.

The way things are handled now are in my opinion a way of brutalizing the privacy of users. The question that arises too is if the disturbance of the service in the past week has to do with exactly this issue. If this operation is meant to restrain service and traffic, then just say so. That is called honesty, just don't bring it up as a service to every individual so that his or her friends are more sure about the availability of his or her friend. That is a domestic matter, not an international guideline that shows respect for the freedom of people to choose the way they communicate. I might make the step to a business account. Does that have the same restrictions?


Have a wonderful day, Paul.

Reliable Tourist

i am having the same kind of problem on my Ipad4. Iam running skype on my desktop and on my Ipad 4 using the same log in. Most of the time my desktop is off and I mostly use skype on my Ipad4. When my Ipad4 goes to sleep people see me on skype as away. People are calling me asking what is happening. Check all my settings they all seems correct. Skype has now become impossible to control. I should be able to have on skype on my Ipad with a command allowing me to chose what status i am suppose to be. This option is not possible with an IOS for Ipad. Come on skype get things right and listen to the people and they will stop 




Casual Tourist



To cut is short, I am a business user and I am traveling almost 75% of my time (Car, Train, Plane..).

I aslo use an iWatch which shows Skype messages immediately.


HOWEVER, people started to say "I see you are away, are you there ???"


Such a bad idea to put people "AWAY" when they are on mobile.


Howmany of us here use Skype Desktop???

Desktop is almost dead, and let people decide on their status when on mobile...Period!


Good luck!

Experienced Voyager



Casual Voyager

Since Claudius said “keep those valuable reports coming” a while back, I’ll add my own situation:


I use Skype version 7.12 on my desktop. I also use Skype version 6.5 on my Android phone. Both are set to auto-update. I would like to:

  • Appear online when I am actually online at work, and/or when the app is open on my phone
  • Appear offline when both the desktop and Android apps are closed


Right now my contacts tell me I appear away 24/7 and therefore they don’t know whether I’m actually available or not. This occurs regardless of whether I am online or offline on desktop and phone.


I made the following setting changes on my phone to try and rectify the issue but to no avail. Not ideal as they are annoying extra steps every time I use Skype:

  • Log out of the Skype before closing it on my phone
  • Turn off the setting “save my password” on my phone
  • Stop Skype automatically restarting using my phone’s global app settings


As the above did not resolve the issue, I deleted the Skype app on my phone. 12 hours later my contacts still tell me I'm away, even when I am actually online on my desktop.



Novel Adventurer

I am also facing similar issue in my Android 4.4.4 mobile. After 5 minutes my status changes to "AWAY" eventhough i am always connected to internet. I have enabled the feature "sync group messages in the backgroundwhich is supposed to stop your status being set to Away, which is not working anymore.

This is really creating issues for us as most our clients are unaware of our status. It is "AWAY" after 5 minutes.


Please rectify this issue immediately as Skype has lost its utility for us with the present setup.

Reliable Tourist

I have a friend in my list who is always away when in reality is being offline, we are both using latest version of skype for windows desktop, /showplaces confirms no other logged in clients for my friend and tried /remotelogout without success, even signing out from invisible shows up as away again, we are lost of what to do next and saddened by never being able to tell the true status. I think it's one of your caches that is not behaving properly (timing out a client) because it collecs messages and delivers them at login even if I'm offline.

Experienced Voyager

>>> by Community Manager ADMIN on 14-11-2014 09:03 "We continue investigating and verifying your reports to identify why sometimes the presence is not reflecting what it should be." 


One year of investigating and nothing changed. My status still changes automatically on Win10 and Android 5.1.1, all updates and latest versions.


How 'bout that?

Casual Tourist

I believe that the best behavior would be to select a status, with "Automatic" being the default pick, but allowing the user to specify another online status which persists if they desire. This setting would live on the server, and would affect all devices for that user.


If one chooses automatic (or remains on it), then a person should show as "Online" only if they have typed an IM into Skype and hit enter within that last x minutes, where x is user-settable within Options, but defaults to, say, 5 minutes.  After this period, they should be set to "Inactive", meaning that the user -might- be away.  "Away" should only be set as an override by the user, or possibly when the user is in a voice/video chat (see below).  Automatic device syncing should -never- affect the user's Status; only actual activity by that user should.


Closing Skype on a device (phone/desktop/etc) need not affect online status -unless- its the only one open for that user at the time.  If no device is signed on for that user, the user should be instantly set Offline (if the process is allowed to die in an orderly way, it should signal its death to the server for that purpose).  Upon death, the server should try to ping each "still-open" instance to see if it is actually alive, and if no pingback, set Offline.


Right now, when Skype reports "Last activity x time ago" on someone's account, it erroneously counts incoming messages -to- that account as activity.  It should only count the time from when that user last -sent- an IM in Skype. 


If the person already is on a audio or video call on Skype with someone, presumably they do not wish to be disturbed.  Default behavior under "automatic" should set that user to "Away" for the duration of the call, but that default *must* be overridable, since not everyone will want that.  Other options given the user should probably include setting "Inactive" or even "Online" during such calls automatically instead, or to just ignore voice/video calls and only let the user's text IMs to determine status.  Of course, this assumes "automatic" mode was not overridden by the user, as explained in the first paragraph.


I think this would give a reasonable default while giving the user very good control over their online status.

Novel Tourist

Despite multiple attempts and no uninstalling Skype on all Android devices
/showplaces still shows me online in 2 locations
/remotelogout did nothing to the android devices when run from PC client
however when run from android app, it would log my PC out.
Getting pretty annoying showing as Away or Online to people despite having actually signed out from all locations manually.

Novel Adventurer

How can you have it not disabled or you using the show me as away automatically.  Isn't it one or the other? Because I use Skype on my Windows laptop and my iPhone.  I have the automatically show me as away box, unchecked, but at 0 minutes. 


I want to be able so when I'm offline on my laptop, but signed in on my iPhone, to be able to show as away when I've been inactive on mobile (like what counts as inactive?)


And how can I tell my status is set to away to let people know I'm away?

Experienced Adventurer

It is amusing to see how many bother to try to tell Microsoft anything.

They acquired a system that worked and had a success, and has managed to insult many and do not understand that the earth does not rotate around Redmont. They will do just like they have always done and could not care less about what others say. That we are willing to pay to use Skype seems to be an exhibition of utter stupidty. That they exhibit incompetence and arrogance is irrelevant to them. Soon we will be left with mediocre VoIP based on SIP. 
MS seems to know what is best for us - and it is time to make something better that can replace this.

Routine Adventurer

"It is amusing to see how many bother to try to tell Microsoft anything."


Agreed - both amusing but at the same time depressing. The lack of any response or further comment here from the Skype team for some 6 months now gives an indication of the utter contempt Microsoft has for its customers. I see that in the Mac users area of this forum there is a similar thread regarding the topic of incorrect status which now has 59 pages of complaints!!


Their pathetic attempts to fix the fundamentally flawed system of 'presence logic' seem to have had either little effect, or even in some cases made the situation worse. I'm afraid that until MS are able to actually comprehend that 'user status' actually means USER status, and not 'the Status that MS decides is best to apply', and return full control of status settings to the USER, then this application will remain forever unfit for purpose.

Veteran Adventurer

Skype is grateful for your feedback!


We totally knew this, but it's great to hear.


"We categorize your feedback, analyze it, obsess over trends, and study your comments for suggestions to improve Skype. "

Routine Adventurer
"We categorize your feedback, analyze it, obsess over trends, and study your comments for suggestions to improve Skype. "

Hahahahaha - you just couldn't make it up!!


Here's how Microsoft management really categorize feedback and the responses they instruct their staff to apply.


1) Any feeback that critizes MS or the functionality of its products, points out flaws or suggests improvements to give a better end user experience.

Response:- Ignore it - it is irrelevant and and actually MS really does know best what the user needs\wants anyway.


2) Any feedback confirming that upgrades or improvements to software have fixed users problems.

Response:- We are unable to formulate a response to this type of 'positive' feedback until such time as we receive some.

Casual Voyager

Hi guys,


I posted my issues in this chat last month but in summary: I run desktop Skype on Windows 7 and on my Android phone. I always appeared to my contacts as away, regardless of whether I was actually online or offline on either device.


Today I contacted customer support via online chat and they gave me a workaround for the above issue. After they were finished, my Skype status now seems to be accurate to my contacts. The steps were:

  1. Always log out of Skype for Android when not in use
  2. Install version of Skype on my desktop (note they did the installation remotely, I am not sure where you can find this old version of the software sorry. Google?)
  3. Select any contact and in the chat window type “/dumpmsnp” and then “/msnp24”
  4. Restart Skype on your desktop

Support told me that steps 3 and 4 need to be repeated every time I boot my desktop. Hope this helps anyone with similar issues.


I also asked when a new version of Skype will be released with permanent fixes for the above, but was told that information isn’t currently available.

Casual Tourist

I've been on this thread for a year...I'm now activly searching for an alternative to Skipe.

There's an old saying that Microsoft absolutly ignores, "if the soup is good, don't add more salt"

Here's where I stand with skipe.

I actually have to CALL my contacts (with my PHONE) so they come online. I can see them online, I can call them 20 times in a row..they hear nothing..the same aplies to me. I get called I hear nothing then I see 20 missed calls. (we use WhatsAPP to tell eachother that we are calling on Skipe)

It is to the point of not being able to use it for business anymore.

Here's the thing, I cannot get bothered to contact ANY MICROSOFT service.. its as usefull as a flat tyre on a spaceship. (but way more frustrating)

I use skipe on my Laptop, Sh5 android phone, 10.5 Samung S  Wifi Tablet ...cant get calls...I'm online...Im not gonna wait another year.

This is a Deja Vu with the problems of Win 8 and the dam pad. ( I actualy threw my laptop out of desperation) I had to have all that MS wanted and no way to deactivate. MS answer.. "we value your feedback"( I bet they rolled around on the floor laughing and pointing ) 


Skipe was GOOD, now its not even a reflection of it former self. I knew this was gonna happen...



Soo, cant call my online contacts...can't get called.. that's the status update. Thank You Microsoft for KILLING Skipe....


PS-I know... you value my feedback...

PPS- I'm a sys engineer spare me from technical lullabies

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To earn a Skype FIRST IDEA badge "for sharing [ ] first idea to make Skype even better." I am more committed than ever.

So here my idea comes (and hopefully the badge along with it) below:

Let the Skype-user decide how to set, and when to change, an online status!

If that is not a winner on here, nothing will be.


Thank you


I have an issue with my status being changed from away to online with skype running on my iphone and ipad but both were locked and powered down.  This change of status only lasted five minutes but has caused a  very big problem. At the same time there were a lot of skype notifications and email (lhotmail) notifications coming through onto the screen of my devices.  I've found a comment that says skype for ipad checks with the skype server every eight hours and this causes your status to be changed from away to online.  What time does this occur?  Can it be tracked?  How long does the status change last?  Only five minutes because of the no inactivity for five minutes to away status rule? 

Could the many notifications being received similtaneously (one email was received at the exact time of the change to on line status) cause this to happen?

Any answers and clarifications would be extremely appreciated.

Why when my skype status shows 'Away', i never get skype calls ringing over my android phone ? even though I am activating the feature 'sync. group messages in the background'.Any body help in that, it is really annoying to open your app. and find out that you have recieved a missed call 2 or 3 hrs. back, otherwise why am I installing the app.on my mobile phone if I am not reachable when a client needs to get in touch with me
Novel Tourist same problem--im always online in skype..and it makes some problems for me..i've tryed those chat commands but it didnt help me out..yeah after i try to see which devices im on with it shows me amount of endpoints but the 2nd command doesnt help at 1 of those endpoints i dont even know what is that as i have just 2 devices..probably it can be another mobile i had before the 1 i have now but that 1 is broken and cant even be anyway the chat command /remotelogout suppose to close all of those doesnt it?..hope on ur help

Novel Tourist

Does being in a call on iOS but not touching the app count as being active?


So if you went in a Skype call on a iPhone then let the app run in the background would it put you away after 5 min or keep you online?

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Ransom,  can I use step 2 to 4 using my Android?  Coz I am always using my mobile for skype,. Have the same problem. And I dont like it,. 

Thank u,  

Merry Christmas to all

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