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Share and Share Alike – Tips for Screen Sharing

Former Staff

Do you think that screen sharing is only for the work presentations and conference calls?


Well think again, because screen sharing has many other uses outside of the boardroom.


Screen sharing is a great way to get tech-support from a tech-savvy relative when they can’t peek over your shoulder. Booking concert tickets for you and a friend and can’t decide on seats? A quick screen-share could speed up a lot of collaborative actions or decisions where a conversation is needed.


These are just two examples of how screen sharing can simplify your life. If you want to learn how to use the screen share function, check out this article.


Do you have your own, unique way of using screen share? Share it with everyone in this thread for Windows and this thread for Mac!



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Casual Tourist



video call today fine until 3rd person invited then all lost visuals and only one person could hear two people and two could only hear the middle person.  any idea why this may have happened?



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