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Removing old unused accounts

Community Manager

At Skype, we take account security and safety very seriously. Periodically, we review old unused accounts and remove them to prevent them falling in wrong hands and to prevent possible misuse. 


Over the next few weeks, we will be removing some accounts which were created automatically for users while signing into Microsoft and which have not been used in the past year.


The account holders will not notice any change, they will be able to use Skype as normal should they sign into Microsoft Outlook and initiate a Skype chat. Old conversations will be archived and replaced by a new one. You might appear twice in your friend’s conversation history if the old archived conversation is still stored locally on their device.


To learn more about using Skype from Microsoft, please visit our FAQ.

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Novel Tourist

This app definitely neeeds some work on fixing. How in the world do we unlink facebook accounts. I ask because the WRONG account is linked. Also, my original skype login and name no longer works so had to start a new one. 

Migrating from original to new should have been an option. Because it was not, I am now rarely using this application. I switched to Facebook Messenger as a primary, since I wanted facebook single sign on and that is an option here but has linked my wife's account to mine somehow in all the updates or ????


Anyway, except for where work may have Skype for Business and the appropriate work only setup, I will probably ditch this program and likely never return unless these things are fixed.


It would be nice to not get user does not exist login error on my original skype login. I guess since my contacts there are not using skype anymore either, probably for similar reasons, letting this application go to the graveyard is probably the best thing I can recommend to everyone out there.


I would still use it if I could fix these issues. I am not going to start over. I did for the sake of posting this comment. This is probably one more good reason to keep promoting other than Microsoft products. I do like most of their stuff, though I have found I like the competition stuff too, so if I have an option, go for the just as good and likely less expensive option of something else.


Microsoft needs to wake up to the new way of doing things.

They should have had a Mobile OS separate and apart from the Desktop and Server Editions like everyone else does. Got to wonder why everyone else did that, likely less headaches and fewer problems. 

Anyway, I still use Microsoft a lot at work, since there are not any other options what choice would I have if I wanted something else???


At home though, I also still use some good stuff from Microsoft. However, for OS main Desktop, I use Linux boxes more than Microsoft. I do not like Windows 8 or 10 and will not change to those until forced to do so at work, since they are likely to stay with Microsoft (Federal Government).

At least ther are tons of options, combos, and solutions today to work with.


So as encouragement, please Microsoft, fix these things and get it right again.

Novel Tourist

God this is really my problem, I just notice recently this month when I search my name over skype and I have many account names there ,some has picture in it. I remember that I made those accounts past two years and I made it then cant sign in made again and cant sign it after days , so I didn't notice that I have these accounts , .


I been asking help for what to do and if I recover my account still I cant get in to it. This is a great help for me especially they will remove this not use skype account and not going back to the account just to delete ,


really this is a great great news especially to the user who has many accounts that were not use anymore.

thank you for the update!


Novel Tourist

This is a problem I need answers.
Thanks for the update!

Casual Tourist

I'd love to be able to do this as basic account management. Somewhere along the line I got two skype accounts. For one of them, I have no idea what the password is. Skype defaults to my primary, most commonly used account when I log on. I just spent about an hour unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to delete the secondary unused account, but now I am moving on and never looking back. Obviously not an intuitive problem to solve via skype. It is frustrating, and would be best served with a direct help line. Is there such a thing? Meantime, people will find me and my ghost when they search for me. Hopefully they select the right one. My ghost is a cold conversationalist.

Community Manager



Hi thanks for posting. So looking at your history, and using your email I found two accounts. One is a Skype Account and the other is a Microsoft Account. Its likely you would log into the first with a username and the second with your email address. There is a process by which you can make the two accounts one but you need to be careful as it cant be undone currently.


If you decide to do this please do it in an in private browsing session.


If you linked your Skype account with your Microsoft account in the past: there are still two passwords that grant access to your account. The best way to consolidate your passwords is by opening and sign in with your Skype name and password there. If this is the first time for you signing in since October 2016 you will be asked to update your account. More information in the article One account for Skype and your other Microsoft services - NB: After you have updated your account going forward there's only one password giving access to your unified account.
3. Protect your account
Now to updated your password (and possibly your account as well) secure it by setting up two factor verification:

For security reasons I can not confirm the IDs in use but hopefully you know these :lipssealed:

Novel Adventurer

I need to contact Skype in the Classroom or anybody who can help me with Skype in education. Where is the phone for customer service?

Reliable Tourist


When I search myself in Skype with my Microsoft ID (using my friends account), three results return. One with the profile picture is correct but two others are obsolute. How incorrect results be removed from the directory?


Kind Regards

Casual Adventurer

So does that mean that in order for an account to be considered "inactive", it hasn't been logged into in over a year or it has been logged into in the past year but not used?

Reliable Tourist

I checked Skype names, live:e*****r, live:e******r_2 are the old ones no longer used by me. The problem seems to be caused by MSN messenger accounts from the past, I've been using Hotmail for over 25 years. My concern is when I'm asked to supply a Skype name, I give my MSN account name, three results return which conflicts people trying to reach me over Skype. One mail address can be connected with one person to my thought.

Kind Regards,


Novel Tourist



Is there any way I can flag up an unused account to be deleted? I've been trying to delete one account for a while but never seem to manage to complete the whole process due to forgotten passwords or conflicting information.

Casual Tourist

Have just updated my windows 10 pc to clear a problem (not with Skype) and had to reinstall skype. I used the skype preview icon and downloaded Skype but found it was a new account. Now I cannot download a short cut to my proper account. I have a working account on Android but obviously getting mixed up with an old account. HELP! 

Novel Tourist


I've own 4 Skype accounts. 2 ones were created long ago with username/password/email that I don't remember anymore. I've recently created 2 new ones, 1 business and 1 private.

As the way of managing them has changed several times (now its with Microsoft account), how can I do some cleaning ?

Thanks for your help

Casual Adventurer

Hi community manager,

A Skype member friend couldn't contact me since last Monday. I am a blocked contact, and she couldn't unblock me on her Skype. After doing a people search on my Skype I found two accounts under my name, a Skype account and a Microsoft account. Is this the cause of her problem?

Reliable Tourist

Great, I hope this will solve our problem! I closed a few MS accounts last year and as the result of this, now I can’t sign into those unused skype accounts, “live:xxxxxx”  anymore. When I asked the customer support, they couldn’t fix either. I really wanted to remove them from the directory. Thanks!!

Novel Tourist

Не осуществляются исходящие звонки в Skype.
У меня была та же ситуация. Удаление Skype и постановка новых версий ничего не давала.
Мне помогло простое решение. Запуск программы в режиме совместимости.
Правой кнопкой мыши кликнуть по значку программы и выбрать пункт
"Исправление неполадок совместимости. Проблема была решена

Casual Tourist

Dear all. So let´s see if I got this right: Despite the fact that Skype will be closing some account, there is still no way for us as users to delete unused accounts ourselves (one for which we have a password and can log in to)? I tried to do this but in my attempt this meant deleting my gmail account as it is somehow linked to all four of my Skype accounts (and I can´t seem to unlink them)... Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Casual Tourist

Hi I was looking for a way to delete my Skype account but apparently there isn't one, which is really strange!

Well, there' a method, but that includes deleting my Microsoft account, which is really far fetched and cumbersome to go through!

Especially when I'm using this Microsoft account as my computer profile!

Why should we go through this hassle of deleting our Microsoft, Outlook and other accounts just get rid of Skype??

My Microsoft account is also linked to Google, so yes it is really unacceptable to lead us down this path. Unheard of! 


Please fix this!

Novel Tourist

I want to remove the last payment account, please advise urgently how could I do this??


Hello, today I can not send messages or connect with my friends, what is happening, greeting, [Removed for privacy]

Novel Tourist

This problem is making me increasingly mad.. honestly.. I've been wanting to create a new account for months now.. but I didn't think this would be so hard.. #1 I don't like using my full name and I really feel like its an invasion of privacy because as most people on here I don't use skype for work .. just for friends or on line friends and #2 signing in with a email as a username just makes it feel more unsafe.. i don't know if others can view that but if they can it just feels like more of my info is going to other people that should't have it.. i feel like the old way was way safer because you could set a user name with an email and it was't difficult to make a new account if necessary. PLEASE for all users make this easier so i dont need to create a new email that ill never use again just to make a skype account that feels semi private... but then again even with that skype still forces you to use your name.. smhhhh i hate this but i love skype... please fix something!!! :speechless: 

NO! Absolutely not! Stop meddling with people's accounts. Microsoft you are an absolute menace! People all over the world are already furious that you bought skype now you're making it a less pleasant user experience. Stop blocking people out of their accounts. Stop spying on people. Stop interfering with what password we choose. Let people manage THEIR OWN SECURITY! Access is more important than security on a bloody messenger you fools. No one uses it to sign into their banks unless they are idiots. It is YOU who is a threat to their security.
Novel Tourist

As I have no idea how many accounts I've had over the years I would like to be able to get a list of of the email accounts I have access to so that I can manage them. I do like the idea of linking my social media accounts so this is welcome news for me. In the past I did a bit of beta testing and I know I set up disposable accounts that I really no longer need so I would welcome a chance to clean them all up.

Novel Tourist

Help someone hacked my account and added skype j got back into my gmail account but now i dont know how to take skype off my email i want this skype delete from my email please 

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