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Skype Community has moved

You can find the new Skype Community here. For more information please read this post.

Re-launching our Community Super User program


On 28th June the community celebrated its 2 year birthday and as part of that celebration we have been reviewing how we run the community. So today we are announcing a re-launch of our super user community.


We have been fortunate to have many users who have given up their time freely to help you all when things don’t quite work the way you expect them to. Over time these users became ‘Super Users’ and continued to help you day in and day out with everything from broken cameras to issues with payments.


I’d first of all like to thank them all individually for their efforts over the last two years by calling them out:

Ruwim, postal, g4pilut, TheUberOverLord, papy_40, mkichaa, kicks-mobil, Neil, Foyan, wd9ewk, luis_erasmo, htrmc, sawadee and djalexc.


Going forward our super users will become known as Community Ambassadors. We feel this fits well as it continues the travel theme the rest of our ranks use on the community while also correctly recognizing that users with this rank demonstrate the behavior that we like to see from all of our members. Users in this group may also get access to a support contact within Skype who will help assist community members.


We encourage you to recommend users as potential Community Ambassadors by private messaging Claudius and outlining why you feel a user should be a super user. We will normally recruit new community ambassadors on a yearly cycle, however for the next 12 months we will seek new Community Ambassadors every 3 months with the first intake being in October.


Could you be our next Community ambassador? Find out who makes it into our top flight in October!


Remember to ask users for Kudos for your posts and it may well be you.

Novel Tourist

wow Awesome..... i wish i understand on how to support your celebration, anyway Keep it up man y):

Novel Tourist

Hi, its good you are launching super user program and problem can be easily solved.

Novel Tourist

hi.. i'm a newbie here. i just signed up today. i don't understand how this program works. anybody want to tell me? just add my skype [Removed for privacy] . thanks :happy:

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