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Merry Christmas to the whole Support Network Community

Community Manager Emeritus

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you, your family, loved ones and friends here in the Skype Support Network Community,

Casual Tourist

Christmas greetings to all skypers and Skype* Management team!    *

*     *     ***   *     ******

   *  *              *               *          *                 *              *                *          *

*           *            *                 *           *                *            *        *        *            *

soon I wish skype communications to replace classical phoning

and to all people: successful New year, health to families and businesses !!!

Novel Tourist

having great problem to add skype connect


Novel Tourist

Hey, I have been charged for Skype credit that I never bought on December 23, 2011. This same problem happened some time ago but I was not sure whether I bought it or not so I did bother about it that much. This time I am certain about. I did not buy that credit that I have been charged for on the date stated above. It is really bothering me. I hope I get help immediately as possible. Thanx.

Novel Tourist

I bought credit of 120 minutes but after calling for 49.8 minutes i was told my credit has run out and i need to know why , or the rest of my credit to be stored back to me . thank you.  

Novel Tourist

I cannot call it says problem with playback, please let me know how to fix it

Novel Tourist

When I try to make contact with anyone, even just to type to them through skype I get...there was a problem and windows is looking for a solution.... I thought it was just me but my other sister is having the same problem I cant even sign on through my android phone!!! please help me!!!!

thankyou Robin

Casual Tourist

First time on and after 30 minutes I still can't find out how to start a new inquiry! Thus I'm posting a comment. Hopefully someone will help me. I have two accounts and with the older skype version, in a drop-down window I could switch back and forth. I've just upgraded and can't find out how to switch to my second account. I appreciate someone's wisdon or experience to sort this out. 

Casual Adventurer

Happy  Christmas Too All Over The World


Novel Tourist

i just receives a notification ..urgent call..and it wants me to go to so i ccan activate an antivirus that legit or spam? if its a spam , i didnt realize i could get calls like that wow

Novel Tourist

also when i tried my free call which was supposed to be 10 mins it was only a wrong! and then im calling someone and it shows somebody else is calling me instead .....instead of showing im making an outgoing call, its showing im getting an incoming call..kinda screwed up

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