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Meet Rui and Aimi - new Community moderators

Former Staff

Hello and welcome to the latest interview in our series of profiles on Community Ambassadors, Moderators and Staff Champions. Today, we’re going to change things up a little bit and interview to people at the same time!


So without any further delays, I’d like to introduce Rui (our new Portuguese moderator) and Aimi (our new German moderator).


Tell us something about yourself




My name is Rui Leonardes. I am originally from a rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called S.Jorge (Azores Islands). Since the age of 17 I lived a nomadic life between the Netherlands, France, Ireland and Portugal. I moved to London since 1999 and not planning leaving any time soon. I have been working in customer services, technical support and Social Media moderation and community management for the last 18 years. Working in Social Media has been a real joy for its unpredictability and unlimited source information and insights to the world around you. I have been using Skype since the very beginning, having friends and family scattered all over the planet, Skype is my first and only method of communication.




I am Aimi, the newest addition to Skype, and the German Community in particular. Apart from moderating the German and English Communities, every day I read all the new topics, reply to as many as I can, and engage in conversations with the members.

I have been a Skype user myself for over 6 years. I often travel around the world and make many new friends. With Skype, we can diminish the distance and always keep in touch, exchange news and ideas, have vigorous conversations, and most recently, brainstorm over internet riddles!

I enjoy working in the Communities. They are a place where users help each other, and share experiences and solutions, without the complexities of customer services. After all, Skype’s goal is to bring people closer – and in the Communities, Skypers from around the world can talk and work together to improve the Skype experience for one another.


What popular personality you would like to meet most and why?




I am very inquisitive and I like a good discussion on social and political issues, therefore I have a long list of interesting people that I would like to meet. From artists to politicians. But my first choice would be Malala Yousafzai. I think we are witnessing greatness for such a young human being.




If I could meet any famous person, I would like to talk to the inventor of the Antikythera Mechanism (he must have been famous back then, right?) Not only to understand what this extraordinary machine was meant for, but to find out where he got the inspiration - how could it have possibly conceived and designed with such precision more than 2000 years ago?! 


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