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Meet Hideo - Japanese Community Ambassador

Community Manager Emeritus

Hello everyone and welcome to our 4th instalment of “Meet the team”, a blog series where we are rolling out profiles on Community Ambassadors, Volunteer Moderator  and Skype employees who are active on the community.

Today, I’m very happy to introduce you Community Ambassador, Hideo.


Hideo has been with Skype Community since the site was set up. He is a long time Skype enthusiast, who tend to float around all areas of our Japanese communityJ. We’re happy to have him on our team!


1. Tell us something about yourself

Born in the middle of mountains of Japanese main island in some years after the end of Pacific War, I was so impressed when I first saw the ocean then, graduating Tokyo Mercantile Marine University, I joined to the sea service on a merchant fleet as Navigation Officer and, over a decade, I crossed some of 7 Oceans and visited various ports.

Timely communication with right parties was as still is essential and it was wonderful when the mobile phone was commercially available even though its first generation was big and heavy to my shoulder. To now, the mobile phone becomes smarter fitting in to my pocket but, attained the age, I retired soon after the Earthquake/Fukushima event.


2. Why did you become a Community Ambassador?

In 2005, my second son was assigned to work in abroad and he introduced in the family Skype as a communication tool. I started to use Skype first for family communication soon for business communication as well. After my retirement, I found Skype Community, facing with various users, and gave my comments to their questions as possible. 

In 2011 autumn, Community Manager Claudius-san suggested me to act as "Super User".  I was not sure how should I act in such a capacity but, in line with my favorite song Que Sera Sera sung by Doris Day, I followed the suggestions telling to myself that I could be "Super-aged User".

In last month, I suddenly found that I was called as "Community Ambassador". What's that and how I would be expected to act? Again Que Sera Sera and, in any event I am "Super-aged User".


3. What do you enjoy about being a Community Ambassador?

I have been in Skype Japanese Forum with good help and co-operation from other two remarkable persons. Volunteer Moderator Koumei-san gives the comments some based on the history of Skype and he well organizes the forum, while Veteran Adventurer negisense-san always tries best to assist the users in technical trouble. I enjoy my role in the forum to guide the learner users what support will be available referring to FAQs.


4. Which popular personality would you most like to meet & why?

I have in mind three persons introducing new way of communication.

Guglielmo Marconi, who introduced the wireless communication and Niklas Zennstrom/Janus Friis who released Skype.


Thank you, Hideo, for your use of Skype and for your passion for our community. We could use more community heroes like you!

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