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Important notice for Facebook users.

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If you have linked your Skype and Facebook accounts then there are some changes coming up that you should be aware of.


If you sign in to Skype with your Facebook account and have problems doing so after 21 April, please download the latest version of Skype to fix the issue.


At the end of this month, Facebook is making a number of changes to the way they connect their products with partners like Skype. If you have linked your Facebook and Skype accounts, this will have the following effects:


  • You will no longer be able to send Facebook messages to friends from Skype
  • You will no longer be able to see your Facebook newsfeed in Skype Home
  • You will no longer be able to post Facebook status updates from Skype Home
  • On some older versions of Skype, you might not be able to sign in with your Facebook account

We never like it when features have to go away like this, but there is a way to stay connected with your Facebook friends who already use Skype. To help you do this, we’re adding a new feature in Skype Home today. This will make it easier to find Facebook friends who have linked their account with Skype and add them as contacts.


Adding them as Skype contacts will also allow you to do more together than when you were divided across Skype and Facebook. Once you’re both on Skype, you’ll be able to send documents, pictures and video messages and start group video calls.


On Skype for Windows desktop this is how you find your Facebook friends:

1. Open Skype and click on Home:

2. Below Facebook friends on Skype, select the friend you want to add, then click Add to Contacts.

3. Type an optional greeting and click Send.


On Skype for Mac, the steps to find your friends are similar:

1. Open Skype and click on the Home button.

2. Below Facebook friends on Skype, select the friend you want to add.

3. In the pop-up window that appears, type an optional greeting and click Send.

Novel Tourist

many thanks


> We never like it when features have to go away like this...




...and I quote:

"Important: As communicated in this blog post, due to technology improvements we are making to the Skype experience, some features of the API will stop working with Skype for desktop. For example, delivery of chat messages using the API will cease to work."

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Hi, I think the update is good but the design was a lot better in the older version. Just wanted to share my opinion. Have an nice day. Jeremy

Casual Adventurer

 I used facebook on skype. Now I'm going to uninstall the desktop version. Now it's the same crap as skype for windows 8. I understand that Facebook is responsible for everything, but I no longer need the desktop version. :(

Novel Tourist

Hi Claudius,........Why I cannot used facebook pag on skype? I am trying to download the latest version of Skype to fix the issue. But I can't do it, it's not successful. Please help me. I aways used facebook pag on skype, because my facebook pag is hang up all the time. Thanks, (sorry I am not good enough in English).


Claudius, how can we disable "Home" entirely? I use Skype only at work and the contents presented there is almost always inappropriate.

Casual Tourist

This is a good change. I didn't like how, when I connected my Facebook account previously, it would pollute the interface with all of my Facebook friends. I'd rather just be connected to my Facebook friends who have Skype accounts.

Casual Adventurer

Might as well get rid of the news feed altogether then.

Novel Tourist

this is **bleep**:




  • You will no longer be able to send Facebook messages to friends from Skype
  • You will no longer be able to see your Facebook newsfeed in Skype Home
  • You will no longer be able to post Facebook status updates from Skype Home


Casual Tourist

See no reason for the news feed home page at all now then. Personally I am now disconnecting FB from Skype as I only had it there for FB Feed and quick FB replies without having to log into FB. Skype I need, FB is a nice to have when I'm bored - probably save me a lot of bandwidth in the log run.

Casual Adventurer

I understand the theory behind a social 'feed' and I connected my personal FB account for telephone numbers but as someone that uses Skype mainly for work purposes, it was pretty annoying.  I'm glad to see the back of this Facebook's integration. Now if only you could comprehend that when I login to Skype, it's generally going to be to make a Skype call and deduce from that I'd probably want to set the dialer or contacts page as my 'home', that would be real progress.  Put your user's 1st for once, please.  

Casual Tourist

Deseo saber por que motivo con la nueva version de Skype se me reinicia la PC cuando intento hacer una video llamada o una llamada de solo audio? Con Facebook si puedo hacer videollamadas exitosas sin que se cuelgue o reinicie la PC. GRACIAS POR RESPONDER.



Translation from Spanish language courtesy of Google Translate:

I want to know that why the new version of Skype I reboot the PC when I try to make a video call or audio-only call? With Facebook if I can make successful video calls without crash or restart the PC. THANKS FOR ANSWERING.

Casual Tourist

I just downloaded the new version as Skype would not load at all... Now that I have it, I need to see how well it works before I can give a fair response. The immeadiated thing I must say is; I like not having every single person I am accquainted with on face book on the news feed area on skype... I mainly use skype for communication with family at this point in time and a few FB friends may be nice to talk with but "all" was crazy so I didn't use that feature.

Experienced Adventurer

> We never like it when features have to go away


Okay, that made me laugh really hard. After ruining group features for years now...

Novel Tourist

i am very happy to have an account here on this site, thanks a lot!:cathappy:


I am seriously disappointed by this; Facebook integration, the news feed in particular, was a big reason why I was using the Skype desktop client in the first place, and I don't see a reason why it would have been removed? Adding Facebook friends just allows me to chat with them, but it doesn't give access to their feed which isn't any consolation at all.


If Skype isn't going to regain this functionality, then I'm going to have to switch to something else (again).

Novel Tourist



Th you for this info


I wish we would still have the Skype Home page


Th you





Novel Tourist

This is the Microsoft way of doing things. Just look at Windows Phone 8. They stripped all the features that made it different. Now we have Facebook Chat leaving Skype. It sure is telling when platform integration that was advertised to us, is now being stripped away in favor of apps and seperate services which we have to go through in the most cumbersome way possible. 

Good job, Microsoft & Skype. I'm now a Blackberry 10 & Blackberry Messenger user. You have pushed me away, like you will the rest of your loyal fanbase! 

Routine Adventurer

I'm missing rationale. Facebook updates their API. Microsoft decides not to update Skype, but removes support entirely?


This is not user centric thinking. At least my user experience is seriously hurt by this. This is just plain competitive thinking between companies. I'd love to see a post that goes into more detail on rationale.

Casual Tourist

I am totally blind person, and you could guess, I am totally disappointed with this changes.
The skype desktop was the most screen reader friendly application, for Facebook chat.

I am now thinking, will I use skype anyway, for everything.

But, just please, consolidate your work.

In skype 7.4, you remove FB contacts from online contacts, but they was accessible via facebook contacts.

Now, in 7.5, you removed facebook contacts, however, they are still coming online and offline, and I can reply to anyone, if someone types me first.

Just now, I cannot find Facebook contacts elsewhere. Finally, I can set my Facebook status online and offline. Microsoft? Are you awaken?

Novel Tourist

It's not Skype/Microsoft dropping functionality to fulfil some devious purpose.  Facebook have their own messaging platform which they can control and mine for personal information, usage statistics and then sell to advertisers.  If you're all using Skype as your facebook platform they are limited in what they can collect and sell, and how they can tailor the experience (read inject ads) into your life.  Facebook have no need to play nice with MS any more, they have a monopoly on social network users.

For those who preferred the accessability and usability of the Skype interface, this may be because of the huge effort Skype and MS put into making it work DESPITE numerous FB changes all the time - it's a shame it's going, but people need to get real on the business models which support these platforms.

Routine Adventurer

@Chefoir: So you're saying that Facebook kicked Skype out of their platform? I.e. the Facebook API is still there but Facebook disallows MS to leverage it? Or did Facebook have unreasonable additional terms for Skype?

Reliable Tourist

 hi PLEASE put facebook back on skype 

 it was better before ok  


where is my fb frds

Casual Tourist

I DO NOT want my facebook contacts on SKYPE!!!!  But it will not let me remove them!  Apart from the fact that I have around 1500 casual accuaintances on Skype , for some obscure reason, it has decided to add  ONE HUNDRED entries as "Facebook User"!!! What the hell is that about?  It now takes me a bout an hour to actually find someone.  In addition, I can't edit the people that I want to; adding new phone numbers, etc.  What have  you done?  You idiots!

Routine Adventurer

You only get those contacts when you log into Facebook using Skype. This is something you must have done by your own choice. Skype has that option since a couple of years so there's nothing new about it.


I'm sure the Facebook API will not let you add additional info to Facebook contacts. Have you ever tried adding extra to Facebook contacts on Facebook. Can't do it either. Hence: not a Skype problem.


Maybe this page helps you in your current situation:

Novel Adventurer

Bey, bey skype. Without facebook chat it isn't more necessary on my desktop!

Novel Tourist

Skype 'Home' looks stupid without Facebook. I haven't used Skype since the integration broke off. Tonight I updated Skype and was prompted to sign in to Facbook, and boom! There was my Facebook home..for about 30 minutes and wham it went away again. I paid for a subscription for a service that isn't being used ;( Cmon guys. You're owned by Microsoft. You can coordinate better than this. Oh Wait..Microsoft.

Casual Tourist

 Is there a way to turn off Facebook integration?  


I only use skype for family and a few friends.  I have no interest in changing this.  Now, when I'm on my computer, I see messages on facebook messenger and skype at the same time.  This is terribly inconvenient and unnecessary.  



Casual Tourist

And that, dear sir, is why I stopped using skype.

Casual Adventurer

I liked using skype to reply to messages on facebook. Now I cant. When I wasnt on facebook I could reply but now I have to stay on facebook to reply please fix

Casual Adventurer

Now that Facebook has the option of video calls I'll probably uninstall Skype because I do not need it anymore.

Novel Tourist



Not sure why but when I go to Home as was descripted by Claudius the list of Facebook friends is not complete, seems to be selection of some of them... Really frustrating... I can't find the way to easily add my favorite FB friends to skype.

If someone can help me with this please let me know



Novel Tourist

"We never like it when features have to go away like this"

Really? Then why did you kill skypekit one year ago and why did you make unable to reach your network from 3rd party clients?


Well, remember Windows Messager and how Skype was supposed to replace as a form of IM? It was like a plot to get Skype customers to use Skype on acceptance that it would remain a IM for everybody. It seems as thought this has been a process to slowly phase out IM from windows all together. Skype phones are a good idea, but should not be used as an excuse, or back-door approach to phase out the Messenger features. It looks like they want us all to go the the browser. Note the web Skype Beta. Maybe they are thinking, just maybe thinking and hoping that Skype will become just a telephone service and re-introduce another Messenger similar to the one orginally removed, which I think is a good idea. I would prefer the orginal version of the Microsoft/Windows Messenger returned with the possiability to also integrate Windows and or Facebook. It had very nice functions, excluding the function to make and recieve calls. It's funny how the Chinese did not have to give up Messenger. 


I just discovered something even more annoying about this loss of Facebook functionality; it seems that on the Mac at least, the Skype app makes it impossible to remain logged in on the Facebook website, at least in Safari, which means that if I want to use Facebook I have to close Skype completely.


So it's not that the functionality to see Facebook posts is gone, the Facebook integration with Skype is now so fundamentally broken that both Skype and Facebook are a burden to use while Skype is open.


I don't suppose anyone knows if there are any good third party Skype clients for Mac? Are third party clients even a thing? I like having a client that handles Skype and Facebook messages together, with the option for the occasional audio/video call, but right now it's so buggy and annoying that Skype is pretty much useless for all of these things. Oh, and it seems that the support section for filing bugs (when I can get the site to let me go to it) doesn't work either; it's either inexplicably down, or goes into some kind of redirect loop.

Novel Tourist

Thanks a lot

Casual Tourist

I had the problem to connect too facebook and then i found this post and i updated Skype. But nothing has changed i still get the error message what should i do???


Please help me, thank you in advance

Casual Tourist

 Hi i am unable to sign in to my skype account via sign in with facebook as it will lead me to this page. Is there anyway to solve the problem?

Novel Tourist

Seriously, I've got some business to do via Skype - and I can't hook it up to Facebook to retrieve my contacts. It's sort of frustrating that this is a big, front-page feature, but it's really just a useless link to waste the user's time.


I don´t find it useful. You are supposing verybody has a FB account. I have SKype´s contacts with no FB account. I prefer to have both completely separated, moreover I already have connected Skype and Outloo, it´s enough for me

Novel Tourist

Hey skype, I was just wondering if there was a way you could make the account name different for facebook log in users? since using the format "Facebook: *name*" doesnt allow you to actually use as a name, then when you try to link they skype account to other accounts (ie. microsoft) you'd need to use a password, which is your facebook password you cant use, making it really hard to actually link the accounts. At least put an early warning for those who used facebook login and paid for credits they cant use on their mobile. A solution to help the users would be better than looking at videos of no-shave november, some guy's life or some other thing. Im sure most users would agree.



Casual Tourist

ok so I clicked the "find facebook friends" button and I got all my friends. So I clicked on of them, and then a request was sent to him. But, when I went back to add some more friends, the list of my friends was gone and I can't find that list any more. I clicked find friends button over and over, but it just says

"Your contacts have not been very active recently...

Why not post your own status update?"

Can you help me with this?


I downloaded Skype to connect with my Facebook friends...just to find out that it is no longer connected.


I wanted to use Skype so I wouldn't have to use my browser to stay in contact with my Facebook friends.

But Now...I have to delete Skype off my computer. Wow....this was a waste of my time.

Novel Tourist

thank you <3 :manhappy:

Experienced Voyager

It do not let me sign in to Skype with my Facebook account using my mobile phone.


I can't reset my iphone skype app because it's linked to Facebook. I tried so many times and it gives me no other option and I can't log into Skype using my iphone - very frustrating it's been a week and because I can't talk to anyone at Skype live I can't find my answer anywhere on this stupid website. Please help me Skype!!! 



Novel Tourist

just signing up and foundf out about all the changescoming down the roa They always have to mess with stuff.

Casual Tourist

Skype Team

We don't want to find facebook friends on skype!!!!!!!!!

How we disappear that message FOREVER??????

No everybody has facebook, specially older generations or people that only want to make video or calls to other people from different countries!

When would you fix that???



Casual Adventurer
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