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Four Ways to Give Skype a Piece of Your Mind

Former Staff

We love how passionate our users are. Every single one of you has a unique Skype story and ideas for making Skype even better. We enjoy hearing what works for you (or doesn’t ) and how that’s affecting your Skype experience.


Today I’m going to take through the four methods we use to gather your feedback and explain what we do with the information.


Community idea boards


As Community users you should be familiar with the ideation boards that we set up. The concept is simple – users can submit their ideas for Skype and vote on the submissions of others. We then take the best ideas and discuss them with the product developers who then use this information to shape the future of Skype for millions of users worldwide.

Currently we have idea boards open for Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Windows Phone.


Call quality feedback

Most users will recognize this window, which sometimes opens after a call.


We sincerely hope that you don’t just click it away and give us honest feedback about the quality of your call. This information is crucial when it comes to improving our video and audio technology which allows us to deliver better Skype calls when they matter to you most.


Feedback via the Help menu


In Skype for Windows desktop you can provide feedback through the Help menu. Simply open Skype, select Help from the top bar menu and click Give feedback.


Feedback on the support site


The Skype Support website has a huge amount of content for Skype on all sorts of devices. At the very bottom of every single support article you’ll find two buttons that give you the opportunity to give your feedback. This information helps us identify the areas where our support content isn’t as helpful as it should be. 



you are not user friendly when i have a problem

Casual Tourist


Novel Tourist

 Skype owes me money or a service.  How do I get either?  Very frustrating to try a CS link and then learn that the site is down - try later.  \please tell me what to do to talk to a decision maker who will refund my money or activate the service

Casual Adventurer

I don"t like that Skype will not allow you to cancel their service!


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