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End of year community awards #4 - TheUberOverLord

Community Manager Emeritus

So yesterday we already had one of our Super Users - kicks-mobile - highlighted and I don't want to show a bias towards these great great user group here, but... I think you all agree that we can't end this year without mentioning TheUberOverLord. He alone replied almost 12.000 times since the launch of this community about half a year ago :-o Probably every Windows and video user came across one of his replies.


TheUberOverlord, or Don as his real name goes is with the Skype community since a very long time already back when they were still "the Skype forums". He's also a developer for third-party Skype applications and - quite meaningful therefor - also a Super User on the Skype Developer Community. It's thank to Super Users like him who are sharing their Skype expertise that we have such a vibrant community here where all kind of Skype users, new and long time ones can find answers to their questions.


Now you might wonder where his nickname stems from - It's actually fairly simple: Back in the 1990s Don found a company for designing and marketing CPU load balancing software called "OverLord". And as he lead that company he became "TheUberOverLord" :)


So on behalf of the community users goes a big "Thank you" to TheUberOverLord for your contributions in 2011. Looking forward to 2012.


All four recipients of our 2011 end of year community awards will receive a pack of Skype goodies (party)

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Novel Tourist

Como me contacto con servicio al cliente compre numero de un skype y aún no funciona y es muy difícil recibir respuestas que resuelvan mi problema el número que compre es 818 570-5797 de ser posible me pueden contactar a mi celular 818 802-9906 gracias por su atención igualmente hablo inglés a ver en que idioma me hacen caso.




please can somebody help me I bought a Skype number and it doesn't work is so hard to get in touch with anyone in Skype how can I reach a customer service please advice.



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