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End of year community awards #3 - kicks-mobile

Community Manager Emeritus

Welcome to today's third recipient of the 2011 end of year community award. Yesterday we saw "The Documentator" awarded with a special user rank for his great contributions. Today I would like to put the spotlight on one of our recent joiners in the Super User ranks who is known on the community by his nickname kicks-mobil.


Besides the way he gives answers - straight, to the point and very actionable - I really like the fact that brought him to this Community: kicks-mobil engages foremost in Skype for Windows, especially on video related questions. He's also particularly caring for the German community.


He shares experiences from a project that he has been conducting for the last five years: audiovisual teleconferencing between children who are physically isolated in germ-free rooms of a ward for leukemia treatment, and their relatives and friends in the outside world. I think this is a great use of Skype to lessen the burden of isolation and because others at Skype think like that, too, we are currently looking how to best support this project. I'll keep you posted here on the Community news.


The work in this project also seems to be where his motivation for the community stems from: "Helping is spreading the good news: Yes, you can master your issues. Such a mission is not only good for humans whose life is at stake. And to tell the whole truth: in the end no one increases his competence on Skype more than the supporter himself.


The Support Network wishes you all the best in supporting your children patients. And hopefully you enjoy increasing your competence in Skype some time longer by supporting our community.


Thank you, kicks-mobile! 



Don't miss to check this blog space tomorrow for the final end of year community award of 2011.  

Novel Adventurer


Novel Adventurer


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