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End of year community awards #2 - "The Documentator" NoxxeR

Community Manager Emeritus

After yesterday's "Android Bughunter" community award today it's time to honor a member of our Windows community. His profession is on a different field than the bughunter, he's more into posting helpful ressources to get other user's Skype up and running. And although we had him already mentioned in week 46's Community News, that did not stop him until today Of course I'm talking about no one else than our's Noxxer, original creator of the "Skype Windows technical errors [MEGATHREAD]".


I had the chance to ask him a bit about his engagement here in the community and he was happy to share a few


Claudius: Can you please introduce yourself shortly?

NoxxeR: My name is Nader, I am a graduate of computer sciences and I have been studying programming concepts, operating systems and program execution methods for the past 6 years. My major was games development.

C: That's an interesting background. What brought you from games to Skype?


N: My goal in Skype team here is that i love computers. Not all people are interested in them actually. We have this big problem at Skype which i noticed it at work so much that people tend to ask for a magic button to solve their problems. But they do not tend to know the answer.

C: And that's when you thought about starting this "Megathread" about solutions for common problems?


N: I started this thread as a small tutorial which I hope to let people understand more technical terminology which are essential at our time to try and also solve problem even if they are not Skype ones. I have been through technical troubleshooting for over 8 years now.


C: One can definitely tell that. I personally (and probably hundres of more community users - today it's more than 750 views already) really enjoy the detailed explanations you are sharing there. It's a pleasure that on behalf of the community you'll be awared with the special rank "The Documentator" .


N: I love the appreciation and i wanted to tell you that Skype being an amazing solution for many people and a great program graphics and programming wise. I wanted to be a member of the family so that i be part of this great community. 



Thanks for answering my questions and looking forward to see more questions answered thoroughly thanks to you. Watch this blog space tomorrow for the third end of year community award of 2011.

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