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You can find the new Skype Community here. For more information please read this post.

Community News (week #46 2011 | Nov 11th - 17th)

Community Manager Emeritus

Welcome to the third issue of our "Community News". These news reports give you an overview of what has happened in our community in the past week. I am looking forward to hear how you like these and what additional topics you like to see covered here.


Community chitchat


We have seen quite an increase in Friendship requests on our board with the same name. While this might seem like a handy way to expand your contact list please also don't miss the easy ways to discover friends of your's that are already in Skype. Our Skype support pages have detailed guides on adding and importing contacts.


Thread of The Week


Every now and then community users are asking whether it's possible to transfer Skype products like subscriptions or online numbers from one Skype name to another. Ours truly Andre explains what's possible and what not. A revealing read.


Post highlight


Skype customer support is people answering and helping with your Skype questions. And just like you they like to hear a nice "Thank you" when they did a good job. Thanks to User "BeachWood12" who took the time to say "Thank you" to our support staff "Keiko".


Member of The Week


This week's highlighted member is Saber who has helped especially on the english Mac boards and helped overcome quite a few installation issues. Thanks you Saber also on behalf of all the users you could help with answers to their questions. Keep it up!


And by the way: If you come accross any message you find helpful, funny, offering a solution or all of it at the same time: Please click on the "Kudo +1" button below the message to show your appreciation.

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Novel Tourist

I cannot connect. I cannot get help from the skype website. Please assist. Thanks. Ed Mills telephone xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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