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You can find the new Skype Community here. For more information please read this post.

Community News (week #44 2011 | Oct 28th - Nov 3rd)

Community Manager Emeritus

Welcome to the first issue of our "Community News". These news reports give you an overview of what has happened in our community in the past week. I am looking forward to hear how you like these and what additional topics you like to see covered here.


Community chitchat


We have flattened the board layout of our community category a bit by removing the "Coffee corner" we used as a place for general discussion. You can continue with that in - you might have guessed it - the "General Discussion" board.


Additionally we have added the new "Me too" buttons to our threads. Find out more about it and leave your feedback. in this short introduction post.


Thread of The Week


An interesting exchange about how best to extend an existing subcription to cover calls to mobile phones or additional countries.


Post highlight


You probably have encountered this once as well: Your Skype group conversation suddenly has some a bit older messages popping up in the history. Super User "Neil" (with our true moderator Norman Musgrave acting as a relay) explains why this happens and why it helps to keep Skype running online.


Member of The Week


Magoslo is our Member of the Week! He has been replying and helping a lot on the italian boards and thus just earned his Super User rank. Thank you, Magoslo, for your responses in the forums, especially helping user with italian Online numbers.

Casual Tourist

HI... Can someone help.  I just got a new lap (Apple). Although I can acces to skype (via firefox) I con't seem to be able to transfer my contact list and the skype icon and application.. ?? :manfrustrated:

Hi,  I have had a Skype account for some time.  I have used it successfully on another laptop.  I downloaded Skype on this laptop and am able to sing in, that is as far as I can go.  I am not able to get to my contact list or call out to " test " or set Skype up????

Can you possibly help?  I am using win XP , internet explorer on an HP 6000  laptop.


Thank you in advance.  Jimmy

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