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Community News - June 2014

Former Staff

Hi all,


Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Newsletter – the place where you can find the most important updates from the Community.


User of the month


No surprise here – June’s ‘User of the month’ award goes to ruwim who has received 367 kudos in the last 30 days. He received 20 of those in a thread regarding video calling from the start of this year. Congrats Ruwim!


Using Accepted Solutions


With thousands of users and threads, the Skype Community is a great place to find answers to all your Skype-related questions. We know that going through all replies in search for the one that will solve your issue can be a pain so we have something that will make this process a good bit easier – accepted solutions. Our writer-in-residence, Setagana, has put together a short piece that explains how to accept a reply as a solution and why doing so makes it more findable. You can find his article in our new ‘Welcome and how-to’s’ board or by simply clicking here.


Using Skype Online – is it possible?


One of our users was curious whether it is possible to use Skype without the client. This thread, which dates back to early 2013, became quite popular in the last month (over 18,000 views) so I decided to cover it in this newsletter. The short answer is: yes. The integration of Skype and allows you to call your Skype contacts from your inbox (group calls are not included). All you have to do is merge your Skype and Microsoft accounts and install a web plugin that’s supported by most browsers. We have two FAQs that show you how to install the plugin and how to call your contacts.


Interview with Michael


Our Community Ambassador group is growing! In June, we’ve added yet another ambassador to our team. Meet Michael (also known as NewHorizon) – the new Community Ambassador from the Philippines. Michael focuses mainly on the Windows desktop and Mac clients but he also tries to answer questions on our mobile boards. To find out more about Michael and learn why he would like to meet Nikola Tesla, check out his interview.


Skype at X Games in Austin, Texas


Last weekend, the Skype team was at X Games in Austin, TX. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this event, the X Games is one of the world’s best skateboarding, BMX, Moto X and Rally X events. To get you closer to the games, we hosted Skype calls with two amazing X Games athletes – Chad Kerley and Mitchie Brusco. You can check out the videos and photos from the three day event on our Instagram and Facebook profiles! You can also visit the Skype X Games website.


2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil


We couldn’t publish this newsletter without mentioning the World Cup at least once. The highly anticipated football tournament is finally upon us and Skype can definitely make it even more exciting. Check out this article to learn why Skype and football are the perfect combination!


Updates launched in the last month


Skype for Modern Windows 2.8 – What’s new: redesigned hub, quicker start-up, list of favourite contacts syncing across devices.

Skype for iPhone 5.0 – What’s new:new design, improved syncing of messages across devices, faster and smoother interface.

Skype for Windows Classic 6.16 – What’s new:spell check and auto correct, functionality improvements.

Xbox 1.4 Snap – What’s new:allows you to snap Skype into other app experiences.

Skype 4.9 for Android – What’s new:bug fixes.

Skype for Mac 6.17 – What’s new:redesigned user interface.


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