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Community News – July 2014

Former Staff

Hi all,


Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Newsletter – the place where you can find the most important updates from the Community.


User of the month


This month’s award goes to Ruwim whose invaluable contributions to our Community are greatly appreciated not only by us but also by all other users! Ruwim received 547 kudos in the last 30 days.


How and Why We Archive Community Discussions


You might have noticed that some of the threads on our boards disappear every now and then. They aren’t deleted - they are archived.


What’s the difference?


While archived topics no longer appear in the boards they initially belonged to, they still show up in your search results. This doesn’t apply to topics that have been deleted. To learn how often we archive topics and which boards are subject to archiving, read this post by Setagana.


Most popular thread


We all use Skype on different devices. I personally use it on up to 4 machines. Add to that the time when I used Skype on my friend’s or family member’s laptop and tracking the places where I’m still logged in can get quite difficult. Back in 2013, when a user encountered a similar problem, checking all the places where you are logged in wasn’t possible.


It seems that a lot of you are still curious about this since this topic was among the most viewed in the last 30 days. Fortunately, the new client versions give you the possibility of not only seeing all the devices where you are logged in but also to remotely log out. Simply type in /showplaces in any chat windows to see where your account is signed in. Use the command /remotelogout to log out from the devices that you’re not currently using.


Interview with Jite – Skype employee


This month I have the pleasure of introducing you to a Skype employee who I have greatly enjoyed working with. Jite is a senior User Journey analyst based in our London office. Her team aims to improve your experience across all of our products. While Jite doesn’t usually reply to your questions, she makes sure that your feedback is heard and that at least some of your suggestion are implemented in our clients. To find out more about Jite’s role in the Community and why she would like to meet Will Smith, read the full interview here.


Story from the Skype world – Skype ones to watch – MKTO


The Skype Ones to Watch initiative that I have mentioned a few months ago is gaining some serious momentum. For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, Ones to Watch gives you access to your favourite artists and it all happens through Skype! This month, we’re giving you MKTO – a platinum-selling pop group from California. Malcolm and Tony will participate in a group video call with three lucky fans. Click here to learn how you could be one of them!


Updates launched in the last month


Skype 4.3 for Linux – What’s new: updated UI, cloud-based group chats, more reliable file transfer support for when using multiple devices and bug fixes.

Skype 2.19 for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 – What’s new: starting Skype calls with Cortana, Skype notifications in the Action Centre, increased language support, ability to edit last sent message.

Skype 5.2 for iPhone – What’s new: voice message support, ability to view contact profiles, adding participants to existing conversations.

Skype for Mac 6.19 – What’s new: bug fixes (crashes while sending and receiving files, crashes upon waking from sleep)

Skype for Windows desktop 6.18 – What’s new: Bug fixes and stability improvements.


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Novel Tourist

:bigsmile:Just completed first Skype video call on my new iphone - worked great, very satisfied! Now not tied to my desk to Skype.

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