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Community News April 2013


Welcome to our newsletter!


We are very excited to present our newsletter to you.


Our goal is to give you an essential overview of what has happened on the community in the past weeks.

It’s been a very busy time and our team has been working hardly to make your stay at Skype Community an even more rewarding experience.


April 2013


This month we have a host of exciting updates to bring to you:


1.New Community taxonomy

Based on your feedback we have restructured the Community. Some boards inside categories were recently merged, some boards received new names. What do you think about this change? Anything you can't find right now?


2.The 2013 Lithy awards

For the second time we gained the Social Customer Excellence Award. The prize is honored by Lithium to the most forward-looking Online Community.  We are very grateful for the recognition, and as our success largely depends on you-Thank you again! We couldn’t have done it without you!


3.Launched our 11th community language, Merhaba to all our Turkish speaking users!

We are getting to be quite international, aren’t we?


4.Community Poll Results: What kind of content would you like to see on the community blog?

After running for two straight weeks our first poll has now closed. Thanks to everyone who saw the poll and participated! We had 479 participants, and the results have now been analysed and read carefully.


Top Choice: Tips & Tricks (40%)

Based on the results (with “Tips & Tricks being a winner) we are going to bring you additional tutorials and guidelines and make your Skype experience better. Unfortunately we cannot do all of these at once, but you can expect to see more changes coming soon!


Got any ideas for a future poll? Send me a PM!


5.Member of the month


Our Windows Super User Ruwim made a great comeback in April by answering almost 1800 times!

Ruwim received around 390 Kudos in April. What a great result! On behalf of our users - Thank you a lot Ruwim  


And by the way: If you come accross any message you find helpful, funny, offering a solution or all of it at the same time: Please click on the "Kudo +1" button below the message to show your appreciation.



We are looking forward to hear how you like the newsletter and what additional topics you like to see covered here.

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