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Ask Skype “iOS Notifications & Presence” Summary

Community Manager Emeritus

Two weeks ago we invited you to discuss your experience with managing notifications and presence on Skype for iOS. You handed in your questions here on the Skype Community as well as via Twitter via #AskSkype. But we went further than listening to you questions and joining the discussions – as we do daily on the Community – by also inviting the right people from Skype to answer these questions. So we had Andy Wassying (Program Manager for Skype on iOS), Ann Demirtjis (Program Manager for iOS notifications) and Brad Howes (Program Manager for notifications backend) attending one hour during the live event to answer your questions on the Skype Community and Twitter.



The more than 20 questions you asked and scenarios you shared revolved largely around giving you more control about when notifications were shown when you left the app. Community users squiikivois and I8NHJ shared examples from their testing to sign out on all Skype instances and still see notifications.


The other topic discussed were users asking why they were showing as online to their Skype contacts even when they left or shut down the app via the task switcher.
An besides we also learned about a new bug related to how Skype notifications performed together with iOS 7.1 that was released just prior. Thanks a lot for bringing this up.


Andy, Ann and Brad could confirm that these are the areas they are looking to improve further throughout this year. The level of detail users were sharing how they expected Skype to work during Ask Skype really helped validating the designs we are working on. This was echoed by Brad:

There is a lot of information to be gained by listening to what our customers are saying”.

And we continue on that path on the Skype for iOS discussion board, so please share our app feedback there.


As an immediate action from this event we have created and update a little community guide on “Managing Skype notifications on iOS” which I highly recommend to all of you. Furthermore we have reviewed our FAQ articles on as well as the instructions in the app to ensure they are clear about how you control the notification behaviour.


Post event our fellow community user @niklicht couldn’t hold back to do some further testing and shared the result with me:


according to this test the problems people have reported were indeed resolved in the last updates of Skype!

The fact that you have to deliberately set status=offline or to deliberately sign out before you quit Skype (swipe it on iOS) on the handheld is *not* new, it has been like that as long as I have had Skype on my iPhone.

To sum up:

-          setting one's status=offline on the phone does reflect as offline to friends if you aren't online on any other device

-          it is indeed possible to control the push notifications for Skype via iOS

-          with push notifications enabled, messages still don't arrive on the phone if you have set status=offline

-          with push notifications enabled and status=online on both phone and computer messages arrive on both devices (which makes sense)

As an added feature it seems to me that Skype is much better at updating status of received message when more than one device is online: if I receive a message on the computer and read it, it does now appear as read on the phone. This wasn't the case until recently

Please note that

1)      iOS and Skype must be at the latest versions and

2)      no matter what people say, on a handheld device you have _always_ needed to either set status=offline or sign off before shutting down (swiping) the app in order to make sure your status is updated to offline. If you fail to do so Skype's servers think you are still online also after quitting the app. Skype can consider changing that in a future version, but it has always been like that.


Thanks and Kudos to Nik for sharing his observation.


We are going to continue this series of Ask Skype on more burning topics here on the Skype Community. Please share your suggestions for the next topic in the comments below.

Novel Tourist

So, to sum up this post, your answer to the multitude of complaints from your customers is "you're using it wrong". Based on one user. 


Well, I'll be happy to be an ex-Skype customer in that case. My company will also be seeking a new solution as a feature roll-back is acceptable, but your complete disregard of your customer's requirements is not. 

Casual Adventurer

I am pleased to know that Skype is looking into the issues plaguing some of their application versions.


I am not an iOS user, as I do not currently use any "iDevices", such as iPhones or iPads, but there are a reasonable number of issues with other application versions: namely, Skype for Modern Windows' lack of profile customization capabilities - which I will not discuss further here, as it is off-topic to this thread - among others.


While I understand and sympathize with disgruntled users such as "stressbunny" - I too have had irritating issues regarding the operating of Skype - I believe that Skype is, in essence, still a sound program, and I trust that developers will strive to improve upon it where necessary.


Konan T-A Lim.

Sydney, Australia.


Experienced Adventurer

What amazes me continously is how great Skype was before Microsoft bought the company.  I was adding more contacts regularily and encouraging other to use the service.  I now find myself constantly irritated by changes that make no sense and features that do not work or are badly thought out.


I would welcome Nikklas and Janus back.  They created an incredible product that "worked" and Microsoft is doing what it can to drive users away.  Why are changes being made that worked brilliantly before?  Why is the look and feel now so counterinuitive and outright ugly.


Shame really...


Why is my credit balance no longer being shown while i am on a call?  I can not see it anywhere on my screen now when i sign in either!  WHY would you folks quit showing us our credit balance when we are using our account?? This is a big mistake and very aggravating. Is the only way that i can check my credit balance now to go to my account details?? This is NOT an improvement!!

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