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Skype on Windows 8 Sucks

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On the piece of junk called Win 8, Skype desktop at least helps restore usability to skype, otherwise unuseable on Win 8. I would suggest others try this out at least before completely junking skype.

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I am immediately shocked by the lack of features on Skype for Windows 8. It's aweful. I can't even see a list of contacts who are online in a large group chat without leaving the chat pane.


This will KILL Skype if they pursue this avenue of function stripping for 100 ms loading time boosts.


BOOOO HISSSSSSSSS (I'll be going back to classic desktop Skype as long as possible.)


PS I also dislike that they have forced me to merge my account to my Live account, this makes me think they'll overlook some hole and someone on my massive contact list from Skype will find a way into my Live account which is now linked to all sorts of other crap, gee thanks M$.


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Microsoft has taken a solid, simple to use program and --- it up from top to bottom. But we WILL love it. Why will we love it? Because Microsoft says we will love it. Idiots. They have already made it unfunctional and will shortly render it uncool as well.




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Ya, I am finding out the same!

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If they re-implemented all the stripped features (including desktop sharing which is now a premium feature as of a couple weeks ago on desktop?!?!!), in a 64 bit windows 8 app I would consider buying it if it were say, ~$5

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Right, desktop version works reasonably. Still it is a pain that its necessary.
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Thanks for the link to the desktop client.  The Windows 8 was completely unuseable.  I couldn't find where to add new contacts, or read messages about joining people to my business panel for adding credit.  I'd scrap it quickly or integrate the 2 so you could flip to a desktop client.

Not impressed with Metro at all as I like to be able to resize windows and multi task.  Metro really denies this.

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The people at Microsoft have all clearly had a full lobotomy!! Everything used to work nicely then....


Microsoft are killing Live Messenger, so invites you to merge your accounts. You do so and then you cant see your live messenger contacts in Skype or in fact in Live Messenger anymore. Then when you do get them back they all show offline and you cant message anyone and that cant message you!!


To download Skype for Windows 8 it requires you to 'View in Windows Store', but clicking this link has no effect. Eventually through a back door mechanism it installs and you are met with a dumbed down interface that lacks all the previous versions features and manageability!


Briliantly Microsoft have also changes the website so that when you want additional features you are not informed of the price until you are taken through a lengthy setup process!!




Microsoft had a great opportunity to get itself back in the consumer market with Apples post Steve Jobs issues, but instead appear to have devised solutions that totally bypass usability and functionality. I hope Google Voice comes to the UK soon!!

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I think the missing features are just Skype programmers being lazy. The file transfer feature even apologizes to your chat window for that feature not being complete. Someone at Skype should tally up the numbers to see how many apologies the Skype client has made so far!


It'll get better, in time.

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The new skype is rubbish I hate it. I have had skype since the first beta version came out and this is the worst update thus far. I'm really about ready to discountinue using it. It insists I link my accounts (which is annoying), then isnsists it is already linked....I am extremely displeased. I   was a paying customer.

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