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My Skype profile picture is too blurry!

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I have a feeling, that if you're viewing your own Skype account through someone else's account, and you're not online, your image will come up blurry. However, if you're online, WHILE looking at your own account through someone else's, your image will be clear. Something Skype should look at fixing in the future.
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I tried your picture and it is the same also i tried with much more smaller pics and also did some tweaks on photoshop and still blurry it seems something to do with skype as i have also like you a 1080p screen and the image even the smaller one looks very blurry on the profile compared with the original pic, i also changed the picture format as u did but i got the same result, i see my picture in someone else account and in skype for windows 8 the called metro version is very blurry, not pixelated, but in the desktop skype it looks the same as the original picture so as u said can be something to do with the metro version

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That is interesting... the only thought that comes to mind for me is that perhaps the desktop version of Skype uses a different method of compression for displaying the pictures. The fact that when I set a picture in the desktop version it is more blurry than when I set it in the modern version kind of supports that theory. Unfortunately if that is the case, I'm not sure that there is a fix for it, other than everyone to using the modern version of Skype, and if that's the only fix, it's not a good one, as the modern version of Skype is absolutely horrible aside from aesthetics. sorry my image did not work for you, and I hope you find a fix!
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I did a test with my two computers. I went onto my old skype account, on my laptop, and I was on my new skype on my desktop. When both accounts were online, both pictures were clear. But when I went OFFLINE on my new skype, the image went blurry for my old skype viewing it.

So it seems to me, if I'm online, my image will appear clear and crisp to my contact. But if I'm offline, my image will appear blurry to my contacts. That's the only correlation I've been able to find.

As I said, either way. It shouldn't been doing that. I think it's something skype should look at fixing, it's not very professional when my skype is used for business.
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Microsoft is slowly killing our favourite applicaion.... It's been downhill with every update.


Uploading a profile image and expecting it to compress and resize properly isn't too much to ask for from an application that has been out there for so long. 

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same here, I've tried several formats/sizes/zooming while uploading, and it always turns out blurry

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With Windows 8, Don't use Skype DESKTOP app to upload image. Use skype live tile app to upload image. Just click little own picture and the click own profile big blurry own picture and choose new picture size 480 x 480. Then skype internet profile picture and skype windows 8 app picture is sharp. Also windows phone app profile picture sharpened this way.


Windows 7 user is no can do. Loan some friend windows 8 machine .


Sorry my bad english

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i notice, this way (upload windows 8 live tile app, newest version), sharpened skype profile picture ALL skype services. Also desktop app picture every machine/phone/tablet etc. you use.

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On Windows 7,

exit skype,

download and start Skype 5.0 portable,

change your picture,

exit skype 5,

start your normal skype.

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Honestly, Windows 7 users should not have to do that for a simple profile picture. Common!

I never had this problem before the newer upgrades. How is it that a big successful program such as Skype can't seem to be able to provide a properly working picture compressor? I never had this issue on Windows Live Messenger.

Also, I've tried every size, square, shape and format - nothing will work. It is ALWAYS blurry. It's really frustrating!